surface trinity dry shampoo

The best advice I ever received from a stylist at the first salon I ever worked at was not to wash my hair daily. Prior to that I had been diligently lathering my poor, dry, curly hair up nightly and putting it in a tight braid (90s Full House crimped waves, duh). She told me that the natural oils from my scalp were just what my hair needed to repair itself and look shiny. 

It was not easy to break the shampoo cycle, but I finally did and my hair has been grateful ever since. I think that our parents and our parent's parents were likely told that one didn't get into bed at the end of the day without showering and washing your hair, so it was just something that I learned early on. The idea of not washing my hair daily was scary at first, but for those of us with curly, dry or color-treated hair it is so hard on it to suds up nightly. 

Unfortunately, though it is best for my hair to only get a bath once or twice a week - I know, oily haired people all over the world just shuddered - daily life does not always permit this. My scalp can become flat, if I venture out to a very odoriferous restaurant my head can smell like it for days and sometimes it just bothers me. 

Then, not long ago, dry shampoos became a "thing" again. I say again because they started being mass produced I believe back in the 40s, but I certainly didn't hear about them during my teen years, or really until a few years ago. I have tried several brands, from very pricey lines to very inexpensive drug store brands and so far my favorite is Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo. It is not crazy pricey and smells lite and lemony.  I spray this all over my hair to eliminate odor and then go through and spray my roots for volume. I love that this dries completely clear (some dry shampoos leave a white film, sad face) and leaves my hair feeling clean and refreshed! This is a definite must-have product for those of us that don't shampoo daily. 

This product was given to me for review.


the bando bobbi

I wear a lot of black. It is simple, easy to find, and it makes it so that I can get mad crazy with my accessories. By that I mean GLITTER!!! A shiny flat in a bold color or a pop of shine can take my sometimes monotonous look from work to play, or just make me happy (seeing as how shiny objects never fail to make me happy). 

I had seen several images on Instagram of bando's stupidly cute cell phone cases, but I failed to check out their site until I came across a picture of an up-do full of these sparkly bobbi pins. 

The design house is based out of LA and states that they are inspired by things like disco balls, confetti and fizzy cocktails. We may be long-lost sisters, or distant relatives at the very least. I signed up for emails on the bando website and received 15% off my first order of too many  shiny bobbi pins and a splash of sparkle headband. Very Exciting. 


kate spade "all that glitters" definitely delivers on the glitter

Now say that three times...

Valentine's Day can suck if you're expecting someone else to shower you in sparkly things and flowers, or if you're aware that no one is going to shower you in sparkly things or flowers. That is why I firmly believe in buying yourself things that make you happy. Especially when they come in a hot pink and orange striped box with gold embellishment, like this Kate Spade 'Idiom - all that glitters' necklace. 

This dainty (know that it is dainty - some reviewers were not pleased because they expected a large, heavy pendant) pave and crystal necklace has an 18" adjustable chain, making it the perfect length for every-day wear. I appreciate its attention to detail and the fact that it looks and feels expensive because it is actually only around $50. Bargain. 

This is a piece that could certainly be work on its own, but I have been wearing it with a House of Harlow pendant that I am possibly obsessed with and love how they look together. 

I am aware that Valentine's Day has come and gone this year , thank goodness, bah humbug, but there is never really a time that you should not be looking for sparkly things for you. 

In my opinion. 
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