are my lips on fire or is that just the duwop lip venom?

The other day I was aimlessly walking through Urban Outfitters when I came across a table of lip products. One of those products was DuWop's notorious Lip Venom. I had always wanted to try this product but for some reason had never purchased it. I bought one and put it on as soon as I got in my car. Wow. It was very tingly. I checked DuWop's website to see what it is that creates that slight "burny" feeling. The main ingredients responsible for the tingle and the plumping are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Wintergreen
  • Ginger

Lip Venom also contains jojoba and avocado oil which give your lips a lovely sheen. Honestly, I feel like this stuff works. My lips looked as though they had been stung by a bee. They also felt as though they had been stung by a bee, but only for about 5 minutes. I will be in pain for 5 minutes if for the next few hours my lips look plump and glossy.

One thing to consider though is warning those who may come in contact with your lips. Mr. Doll still looks at me warily if my lips are even the tiniest bit shiny. He insists that his lips were numb for days...whatever. My lips looked good, and that was the whole point, right?

This is a picture that I took 45 minutes after I had applied the product. I have no other makeup on, so as you can see Lip Venom also gives your lips a bit of a rosy glow. I would spend another $16 on this product.


  1. Anonymous1/22/2010

    Ooooh! I love DuWop. Check out the Twilight Limited Ed. version, it has a raspberry colored stain in it. Luvs it! My hubby also refuses to surrender any sort of lip action in the presence of any sort of lip gloss- for he too can't stand the tingle! Big tough men, huh?

  2. Hmm.. I saw the Twilight version, but I liked the "old school" packaging on the original. I'll try to find it on eBay...

    Yes, boys would never be able to go through half of what we put ourselves through ;)

  3. SO funny...we talked about this in class today LOL

  4. Whaat?? What the hell class do you get to be in that talks about DuWop? I had to talk about quantitative research methods in school(do not ask me what that means..)

    Sign me up!