chanel color collection spring 2010

In a time where it seems as though everywhere you look cosmetic companies are coming out with one bright, bold color after the next, I am so excited to see this color story by Chanel. Their spring makeup is full of natural, neutral tones that are wearable for day or night and inspired by Coco Chanel. I first fell in love with Chanel while working at a cosmetic counter many years ago. Their shadows are silky and glide on effortlessly and their glosses somehow manage to feel exspensive (maybe because they are exspensive).

I have reached my makeup limit for the month, but come February these are my two "must haves" from the collection:

A bit pricey, but I have owned powder from Chanel and it lasts forever and feels lovely on. And it has the double C logo on it, so I need it.

This is the most perfect glossy nude. I tride it on at the store and I think that it makes your fingers look longer because of the way that it blends in with your skin tone. Love it!