Happy 2010!

♥ I have been a "blogger" for a month now, and I just want to say thank you to those that have taken the time to follow my little blog. It makes me even more excited to review products and find new ways to be glam when I now that someone is reading, so kisses to you all ♥

Okay, so my first New Year's resolution was to spend less time online. Then I found polyvore.com. Resolution out the window. All I want to do is create sets. It is like paper dolls for adults! So the above set is a look I created yesterday. If I were to title this look, it would be called: What I Would Have Worn, Had We Left the House. But alas, we did not. This year has been long and arduous for my husband and I, so we concluded that staying in was the safest bet. Champagne was had at midnight and that is all that really matters anyway, right?

If I could give every girl in the world some advice for 2010, it would be to be nice to yourself. That can mean anything from buying that $20 lip gloss that you have been eyeing, taking an hour long bath, or just not being so hard on yourself. It isn't easy to be a girl. Trust me, I know (I'm about as girly as they come). So this year be nice to you. I give girls everywhere permission to be the glamorous diva that has been hiding deep inside of them...

(That does not mean that you get to go JLo on everyone, demanding only red M&Ms be brought to your dressing room that is filled with 100 thousand rare orchids and draped in fur)

Happy 2010! Now go spend hours on Polyvore.com...