i love pottery barn candles, so much..

I am a picky bitch individual when comes to just about everything, right down to the candle on my dresser. I am not a fan of Yankee Candles (the smell of vanilla makes me ill, the same goes for country apple) and I also have a hard time finding candles at places such as Target that I like. I love candles though, so I am on a constant search for the "perfect" one.

I do believe that I have found it. The cherry blossom line from Pottery Barn (or as I like to call it The Land of Grey and Beige) I rarely go into Pottery Barn, but I was given a gift certificate for Christmas so I decided to check it out. That is when I found the most amazing candle in the world. These candles smell like a mix of rose and jasmine and they burn forever. They were on sale, so the one pictured was $8 instead of $16. They also had larger sizes as well as diffusers. They do not sell this online, only in stores. I may buy them out though...