Improve Your Skin With

I have always been one that had a hard time passing up a new skin care product, even those that I knew were likely not for my skin. Unfortunately it is often hard to know what will work for your skin without a lot of trial and error. That can get expensive and be very hard on your skin.

Recently I was introduced to a new website called It is a beauty database that uses your skin profile as well as the products that you are currently using to create a list of products that would likely work for your skin type. It also uses member product ratings to determine how well certain products are working for people overall.

First you fill out a personal skin profile. This does not take long, and the more thorough you are the better your product suggestions will be. After that is complete you create a list of products that you are currently using. At that point gives you other products that may work for you based on the information that you have entered. There are also skin care forums, a personal skin diary, and a list of beauty and skin care bloggers. I think that this site has the potential to be very valuable to people by stopping them from spending money on products that are not suitable for their skin type.

I was excited when I logged in this morning to see that had recommended a product to me that was similar to my current daytime moisturizer but $10 less!

The site is by invitation only at this time but you can register before its official launch with the code “velvetdoll” .



  1. Ooh, sounds very interesting. Thanks for blogging about this. I think I will sign up!