the new beauty test tube is so worth the money

In 2004, before I became a broke college student, I signed up for New Beauty's TestTube program. For $29.95 a month (plus $8.95 shipping) you get a TestTube every 3 months. They are always filled with different products from companies such as GoSmile, Shu Uemura, Dr. Brandt and Jane Iredale (to name just a few).

You try the products that are in your tube and then are able to go online and rate them. When I participated in this program I was very impressed by the content of the TestTubes. Every tube that I received within the year was filled with at least $150 worth of product, and there was rarely a product that I did not like.

The content of the TestTube is at their discretion, meaning that you are not able to choose what you are sent. Some people that I attempted to get signed up for this program did not like that aspect of it; personally I think that it is so exciting! Many of the products that I tried through the TestTube program were ones that I would normally not have tried on my own, but are now some of my favorites. GoSmile is one of those products that I was introduced to in one of my tubes that I now cannot live without!

This is a product-junkies dream and worth the money!