korres wild rose mask

New Year's Day I was forced to go out into the cold for necessities (champagne and false lashes). By the time that I got home, this fair-skinned German girl looked not unlike a tomato. My face was bright red and dry, my lips were hideously chapped ~ I was a mess. Luckily, I recalled that I had several samples of Korres Wild Rose Face Mask that I had been saving. I ♥ Korres and had purchased several products from their website in December. When you make a purchase from them you also receive several samples and one of mine was this mask.

I applied the Wild Rose mask and left it on for about 15 minutes. It was slightly tingly at first, but not to the point of being uncomfortable like some masks I have tried. When I removed it the first thing that I noticed was that the redness was gone from my face. That was a miracle in itself because it normally takes my face hours to calm down once it becomes irritated. My lips were no longer flaking away and my skin felt incredibly smooth.

I had not looked at all of the product ingredients prior to applying the make (obviously it has rose oil in it), but after such great results I got online to see what was in it. From the website I learned that some of the main (active) ingredients are:

Wild rose, a source of vitamin C that helps with wrinkles and hyper pigmentation

 Waltheria Indica extract, a powerful skin lightener

 Argan tree oil, an oil that protects skin and makes it soft

 Shea butter, an ingredient that acts as an anti -inflammatory agent

 Avacado butter and vitamin B5, both excellent sources of moisture

 After trying the sample I would definitely purchase this mask. Few products are able to soothe my skin quickly after extreme cold or heat and this one did that and more!


  1. Still HAWT even in a MASK!

  2. Lol. Sank you, your to kind. Just realized maybe it wasn't suppose to go on lips?? Oh, well. I am alive, so all good I spose..

  3. Great review! And Korres is cruelty-free - woo hoo!

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