the urban decay alice palette is finally here

So I am aware of the fact that these have been on all the beauty blogs for a month now, but this one is MINE! I am a huge Tim Burton fan, so I conned convinced Mr. Doll that I would perish if I did not own this palette ASAP. It finally came on Friday and I have been playing in it ever since..

This book of shadows includes a pop-up scene from the book of Alice wandering through a forest. The shadows are arranged in a pull-out drawer along with 2 pencils and a mini primer potion. It is very pretty in person.

16 Shadows included:
Underland, Alice, Oraculum, Queen, Chessur, White Rabbit, Wonderland, Curiouser, Muchness, Mushroom, Midnight Tea Party, Vorpal, Absolem, Drink Me Eat Me, Mad Hatter, Jabberwocky

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (Travel size)
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Flipside (Travel size)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (Travel size)

I cannot keep my fingers out of this! I know that there was talk about the fact that the shades are not new to Urban Decay, but I don't think that this is a shocker. Urban Decay often puts together these amazing combos of their most loved shadows under different names. The point is that you get to try 16 shadows from UD for $52 instead of purchasing them individually for over $100. They are a great deal in my opinion (and I am correct). I had never tried any of UD's liners, but I tested these over the weekend and they go on very smoothly and stay put.

This is me playing in the palette (literally with my fingers; I do that sometimes) with no primer and no other makeup on other than mascara. I applied White Rabbit all over lid, Absolem from the middle of the lid to the corner of the eye, and Alice in the crease.


PS: This is sold out online, but will be in stores (Sephora for sure) in February!

There are also polishes from OPI inspired by the movie as well. This is "Alice"



  1. Reallllllly pretty, what u did on your eye <3 Very nice palette

  2. I love this palette, I have yet to play with mine...I need the nail polishes now.. addicted to Alice..

  3. I was so bummed that I never ended up getting this!


  4. Hey Lissa - check out the Book of Shadows Volume III. I actually prefer it over the Alica palette I think. XO