Why Kate, Why?

I was looking through one of my favorite fashion sites last night StyleList when I stumbled up this very scary picture of Kate Moss. It seems as though she has decided that grey is a good color on her. It is not. As StyleList put it, if she were in her 20s it would be one thing, but at 36 it's a no no. But the real issue that I have with this picture is not so much the hair, but the white, wrinkly elephant in the room: Kate's skin.

What the hell Kate? My icon looks like she's been out in the sun for hours, smoking cigarettes and downing champagne...Oh right, she has been.

That's fine. We have all had ruff times and periods in which we did not drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. My issue is that Kate is loaded, so why doesn't the girl get a glycolic peel, some microderm, some age spot lightening gel**? There is no need to age gracefully ladies; dye that hair and moisturize your face!

That means you as well Kate. If not for you then for me.


** A wonderful spot lightening gel that works wonders for age spots and fine lines (I use it and have seen a difference) is Murad's Age Spot & Skin Lightening Gel. It is worth the $60 and I would even say that it works a lot better than some creams I've tried that are much more.