Makeup Artist To The Stars Scott Barnes And LashControl Mascara Info!

How do I get this guy to marry me and do my makeup??

After watching this video I became obsessed with LashControl Mascara. Having worked as a makeup artist, I understand the whole "wiping the brush off on your hand" mess (mascara is flippin hard to get off skin).  I had asked Jennifer from LashControl several questions about the product in an email and she was kind enough to send me this information:

" 2xBlack refers to the result of the brush, and the color of the formula. The brush is a fast covering high-low brush. I call it the zig-zag brush. It has a lot of crevices for the formula to collect and you can apply alot of formula quickly. Then, you would re-insert the brush, squeeze off excess and use the same brush to separate the lashes. the tip end of that brush has a full section of bristles which still lets you work tight into the corners, but because you can squeeze off excess, you can separate and spread the lashes where you want them to go. You can get drama to the extent you want drama! Add layers and control the application. The color-code package is purple.

Our "pink' package has a full tapered Christmas tree style brush. This will let you apply as delicately as you want. You can go from a totally natural look (great for a professional work day look or a Saturday morning) to adding layers which will let you build up the lashes.

The Clear formula is meant as a top coat - it will add shine and depth without adding more color on the lashes. I use it to top off the tips so that they aren't too heavy looking. I'm a blonde, but I like black mascara. I don't look good with weighty lashes. I also use it on my eyebrows.

LashControl truly has everything to do with how you want to look, and how you like to apply mascara. I discovered a great formula with a beeswax base and some terrific ingredients like ginkgo biloba, ginseng root extract, chamomile flower extract, etc. I am developing more formulas with different aspects and end results for future launches."

This mascara is going to be a big deal in my opinion. I want the LashControl Length & Condition and Clear Coat Mascara Duo that can be found for under $20 at HSN. What do you guys think? Is this not such a great idea?!



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