omg liberty of london at target is major

Holly Liberty of London for Target. I have not been this infatuated with a line since Jimmy Choo collaborated with high H&M!! I know that many items (clothing and even...bikes?) are sold out, but I have made a point to go to every Target with 30 miles of me; there is still a lot of good stuff.

I had to have this dress. It is so flippin cute AND it came in petite...I had to order it online though because I believe that it is sold out in stores.

This pillow, which is GORG, was $30. I'm not joking.

And these I love love love. I even tossed my expensive (but dull) glass tumblers and plan on using these babies, which were $2.48 a piece. (Free)

And finally, how amazing is this glass? I get happy every time I open my cabinet that houses glasses and see this little number - which was also under $3.

I will be headed back for some sandals, a piggy bank and a picture frame. And maybe some sheets. And more glasses..

I suggest you do the same before it is all gone!


  1. That peacock pillow is divine

  2. It's beautiful in real life too!! I want it to go on sale :)