talika lash conditioning cream and other products my lashes love

Not to long ago I was under a bit of stress from the usual suspects (graduation, money, new job..stress). It really took a toll on my skin and hair. This was not all that shocking to me because I tend to go go go for as long as possible and then basically fall over. What WAS shocking to me however was the number that stress did on my lashes!

I have always had pretty nice lashes (the universe made up for my lack of height by giving me long lashes maybe?) so my routine was to just scrub of the loads of mascara I had applied throughout the day at night. Period. I had never used an eye-makeup remover or any of the new "lash lengthening" products. One of the reasons that I had not been in the habit of using products around my eyes is that they are sensitive and seemed to water for hours after I used eye creams or makeup removers.

But desperate times call for action! I started noticing during the time period of full on stress at the beginning of the year that my lashes "hurt" (am I crazy, tell me you know what I mean by lashes hurting). Of course them hurting made me touch them more and eventually I was losing lashes left and right. My work is able to sell Latisse, and I know people who swear by it, but I was not sure that it was for me. I also was concerned because it was not what I considered to be very natural. I did some research and decided to take a different route, mainly because I also learned that you have to purchase Latisse every 3 months to continue to see results. At $120 a pop, that was not going to work for me unfortunately (for those of you who wonder if all the hype surrounding Latisse is just hype - it is not. It really works!).

I started with something simple: eye-makeup remover. L'Bel Paris had sent me one after I entered a contest that they had. As I said normally these sting my eyes and seemed to do more harm then good, but not this one! Essential Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion contains many moisturizing ingredients and even removes the globs of Diorshow that I like to drown my lashes in. I love this product! I now use it every night.

The next product that I found while looking for a somewhat natural lengthening product that was affordable was Talika Lash Conditioning Cream. This cream was originally formulated as an anti-bacterial cream to heal eye injuries years ago. Ms Danielle Roches, a doctor during WWII, discovered that there were some truly amazing side effects from using the product. In 1947, Ms Danielle Roches introduced this magical cream to the cosmetic world, claiming visible growth and thickening of the eyelashes under the name TALIKA. The formula is still the same today! At around $30 it is also affordable.
I have been using this product, along with the conditioning makeup remover for the last 2 months and I am happy to say that I have noticed a lot less "lash loss"! They have even seemed to fill back in around the outer edges where they were starting to look a bit sparse. I would recommend these products to anyone looking to improve the lashes they have or promote new growth!

Lashes last week (8 weeks into treatment) with 2 coats of Diorshow. Shadow is Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura.