a comb infused with olive oil? no way...

I have put my hair through torture over the last few months, between the usual thrice weekly blowouts and that day that I decided to cover it in a permanent level 5G (it would have been a lovely golden brown - if it had not been white blonde before...), so anything I can do to relieve it of its stress I will do. So far that has meant expensive conditioners, costly hairbands and monthly trims. 
So you can imagine my amazement when I came across the RickyCare No-Frizz Oil Comb. Not only was I amazed that someone had managed to make a comb that helps to tame frizz, but said comb is only $5.99. It is like they are giving this thing away. Ricky Kenig of http://www.rickycare.com/ had managed to bake Turkish olive oil into green plastic combs. When you brush the comb through dry hair, a very small amount of the olive is distributed on the hair shaft, leaving it soft and shiny. I am so thankful that these combs come several different sizes as well, so you can keep one in your bathroom and 5 or 6 in your purse..


  1. I know, and I have seen some great reviews on them from people with all types of hair! The one I want is out of stock but I ordered 2 small ones to try! XX

  2. I don't know, I think I'm skeptical about this? I would love to see your review of it (=

  3. I have a comb that's infused with macadamia nut oil...I LOVE it!

  4. Hi Gabby, I have been using it for about a month and I love it. I would not advise using it on wet hair (it made mine feel funny) but on dry hair it tames flyaways and adds shine without that "oily" look that some sprays give you. I bought two and it was under $20 with shipping - so worth it :)

  5. Anonymous9/20/2012

    It does work very well. Question, has anyone tried washing it, and was it still effective?

    1. I rinse it with warm water and shampoo and I don't think that it has hurt it!