Makeup Monday: Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

I am not a huge fan of eyeliner (gasp! - I know). I love a beautifully done smokey eye, don't get me wrong; so many of them are not beautifully done though. As we all know, when eyeliner is applied with a heavy, misguided hand, it ends up looking like someone has punched you in the face. The eye to be exact.

I do not blame women for this eyeliner misshape, but the cosmetic companies for making eyeliner an afterthought. Many of them spend so much R&D on lipstick formulations and new collections that apparently they have no time or money to create an eye pencil that glides on without a glitch and smudges to perfection. I'm bitter.

But then Urban Decay's 24-7 pencil walks in, with its shiny cap and trendy name, and creates the perfectly lined eye!

I had never tried Urban Decay's eyeliner in the past, but these came with my Alice Palette so I thought "what the hell, it can't hurt to try them". OMG. They are amazing. No more dragging a dry pencil across my eye, painfully trying to create a line that looks sharp and clean, instead of looking like Kei$ha had done my makeup.

This is 24-7 in Zero and Flipside. They go on nice and smooth and are able to be blended for about 30 seconds. Once they are dry, these babies stay put. I use Flipside a lot (mostly because of all of the compliments that I get when I wear it) and it looks the same at 7pm when I am removing my face as it did at 7am when I was shellacking it on.

Highly recommended.



  1. Great tip! I'm always looking for a great eyeliner that smudges well but then stays put.

    I hate getting home and realizing that I have half-in black circles under my eyes from transplanted eyeliner!

    Do you happen to know if it comes in eggplant and dark grey?

  2. Anonymous8/16/2010

    Thank you Julia!

    They do - the eggplant is called Rockstar and the dark grey is called Gunmetal :)