stila illuminating tinted moisturizer spf 15

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 is one of my favorite products from Stila. I have used this for several years in the winter when I need something to give my skin a pretty glow while still getting some sun protection. This and some mascara is all that you need to instantly look like you slept for 8 hours and don't have a care in the world (OK, maybe just well rested).

It contains mica to help diffuse fine lines and imperfections, as well as Sweet Almond Oil for soft, hydrated skin! At $32 for almost 2oz, it is definitely a steal (mine usually lasts for about 4 months).


  1. I was looking for a good tinted moisturizer, thanks!

    However, do you think it will look good on oily skin? I don't need that much shine....

  2. It does have a lot of shine to it. Maybe try Paula Dorf's Tinted moisturizer in Jet Set Glo - so pretty!

  3. i love illuminators!! : )

  4. If you're looking for some extra moisture or an illuminator this is a nice product! :) I use it during the winter when my skin feels dehydrated (I have oily skin with some dry patches) ! :)

    Btw I found you through beautylish! :) Would you mind checking out my blog too? :)