paris: i shopped, ate, shopped more and left

Recently, I was lucky enough to accompany my husband on a business trip to Paris. I have never been, and honestly did not foresee myself getting to go anytime soon. Needless to say I was stoked. Unfortunately it turned into the Paris trip from hell when Ryan ended up with what we assumed was food poisoning on the first night and was extremely ill for the next 5 days of the trip. When we got back to the states we found out that actually, his appendix had ruptured, almost killing him. maybe we will go back someday so that he can enjoy Paris as well. He managed to work while we were there somehow, and I managed to take the train to several really amazing places and shop (what else do you do?) for about 3 days straight. Although I took about 100 photos, I will not bore you with them all. Just a few that I think are fun..

So here is our room/box. I quickly realized that in Paris you are either in the $500 room, or the $250 room. This is what you get for $250.

 Oh well, we were not there to hang out in the room. While in Paris I became obsessed with a pair of boots I purchased and chose to wear them everywhere, with anything I had on (luckily, they are good boots).

The first few days I was on a mission to find a few key pieces that I would have forever. Who doesn't want that bag/scarf that when worn you can think to yourself "oh, this is the bag I bought on that Paris trip.."? I wanted that bag, and I wanted to buy from designers who you don't see in the states. So I bought a beautiful nat & nin bag!

Love it. I am really feeling this kind of "elephant grey" color for fall. I also needed a scarf, not because I needed another scarf, but because it was freezing and windy. I found a great little shop next to the Louvre where I purchased a grey and black silk and cotton mix scarf made by a local designer.

Please ignore my no-makeup face; the bathroom in our hotel room was so small I couldn't fit my makeup bag in it. I though that my Paris-based designer shopping would be satisfied, but then these gorgeous amethyst earrings from costume jewelry house Satellite Paris practically attached themselves to my ears..

They are so well-made and breathtaking in person! I hit up H&M after that on the last day we were in Paris where I found some fabulous bangles for all of $5.00 (free??).

I also stopped off at a very tiny shoe store and found a great pair of sandals for around $10.00. They are suede booties in a fab camel color. I almost didn't buy them because the store owner screamed at me in French when I moved some boxes around in an attempt to find my size. I decided that his bad attitude should not stop me from having good shoes, so I purchased them anyway.

This is the view I had while shopping - such lovely buildings!

And of course, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where I froze my a$$ off, causing me to leave the tower and immediately search for vodka (for warmth of course). It was a really amazing thing to see in person and something that I will never forget.

The End. 


  1. love the scarf and earrings! so sorry to hear about your hubby, hope that you guys get to go for a pleasure trip there soon :-/ great pics!

  2. This post makes me miss Paris/Europe!

    Love love your sandals!

  3. Thank you socialitedreams! Husband is doing much better.

    Kizzy, the sandels are great. It's of course cold in Kansas City now, but next summer I will look forward to sporting them ;)

    Thank you for the comments!