I have been lucky enough to go to many beautiful places. One of my all-time favorites is a tiny town called Eureka Springs in (don't judge) Arkansas. It is artsy, full of vintage shopping, buildings that are hundreds of years old and gorgeous greenery. I try and weekend there at least twice a year.

I went for a few days in November and took a camera with me.

Floor in the hotel (that was built in 1905)

View from hotel
Rings purchased
What to eat..
Smoked salmon, grilled homemade bread and loads of cream cheese = yum
Needed some taffy after dinner

Hauntingly amazing vintage chandelier

silver is the new black - deborah lippman stardust

Obsessed with this polish from Deborah Lippman in Stardust.

shiny objects

The above photo sums up about how I have been feeling over the last few weeks. Except that the cat looks peacful, whereas I am a bundle of nerves. Or the cat's dead. Not sure. All that you can do when feeling down is find things to make yourself feel happy again, like shoes and shiny objects. So that is what I have done.
I am not always a fan of the whole clutch thing - they seem like part of a bag that someone forgot to finish. I understand that lugging around my LV Speedy is not always feasable though, so I can handle this sparkly number from south moon under.

And no sequined bag is complete without hipster heels in a print that would make your grandmother proud like these from Jeffrey Campbell found at Solestruck.

I do not even know how to express my love for this ring, but it makes me extremely happy, along with most everything else found at Not Just A Label.

I feel a little bit better. For now.

image via Flickr