can the healing cooler make me look twenty??

**UPDATE: I had a negative experience with these people on my second order. Unfortunately I would not recommend ordering from them unless you are in New York. My juices arrived warm and would not mix together, even when I shook them vigorously. After calling Healing Cooler they pretty much called me a liar, and that was after several emails and phone calls just trying to get someone to respond back to me. For $100 (cost plus shipping outside of NY) for six containers of juice I expected a bit more in terms of customer service.

 If I am going to pay $100 to not eat for 3 days then it had better. I have recently had an issue rosacea, along with sleepless nights, general discontent and headaches. Obviously the first thing that I thought was that I needed to fast. Why try a new skincare line, get some sleep or deal with my stress when I can just not eat for a few days (I really do think that fasting here and there is good for you)? If you look online there are a plethora of people who will tell you that fasting basically cures all, and that is what I was in need of: everything and anything that may need curing cured.

Of course I could not just run to Whole Foods and pick up some Naked Juice for $9.99 - I had to have my juices flown in from New York via overnight airmail. I placed my order online Friday night, somewhat suspicious as to whether or not my juice would actually arrive before 3pm on Tuesday...but it did!
The company is ran by Eric Helms, one of New York City's juicing pioneers, and each cooler comes with 6 fresh-pressed juices. I chose pear mint, grapefruit and carrot apple. Basically my idea was to drink 2 a day for 3 days. I did not eat anything else, drank tons of water and tried to get a lot of rest.

I actually loved the juice (especially pear mint) and felt amazing by the third day. I was never really hungry and I never felt deprived. I lost a few pounds, slept very well for 3 nights and my skin looks so much better. I would definitely do this again! I attempted to try again a few weeks later with Naked's Green Machine and the results were no where near the same. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, and if you're going to truly cleanse it should probably be with juice that is hours old and not juice that is weeks old (organic or not).

p.s. I can't help but think that the pear mint would make an amazing cocktail mixed with some dark rum. Just as a congratulatory thing - after the fast of course.