lather bamboo lemongrass foaming body scrub is delish

I am constantly in search of an amazing line of body care, and have been somewhat saddened by what is available over the years. I was never one of the girls in gym class slathering themselves down with Bath & Body Works Country Apple scent lotion (thank goodness) and pretending that it was the greatest thing ever (it is not).

Then LATHER arrived, with it's natural ingredients, yummy essential oils and its biodegradable plastic jars and I have been looking for reasons to take a bath ever since.

This line has many products that I would reorder, but my favorite by far is the award-winning
Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub. This scrub looks like a beach in Hawaii, smells just like fresh lemongrass and actually does lather into a creamy, conditioning foam. Ah. Maze. Ing.

Just look at how fantastic that scrub is. I still become not unlike a three year old when it turns from a scrub into a foam...


  1. Oooh. this looks so cool! I am such a sucker for neat body scrubs! And LMAO. My word verifiction (Captcha) is BOOTY!

  2. Ha Ha! I wish that I could say I chose that just for you, but that would be a lie..this stuff is amazing!

  3. Oh my, that stuff looks sooo good!

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