i like my bath bombs to be meaningful and artistic

I was online yesterday searching for inexpensive bath products to include in a goody bag for a dinner party I am having when I came across something so fabulous I had to have it. I have been a fan of Jon Burgerman's work for a while and so I was extremely excited to see that he had collaborated with LUSH on a product I could actually afford and use.

Behold the Limited Edition Bathtime Favourites Tin, doodles by Jon Burgerman. The tin contains 9 bath bombs in popular LUSH fragrances: Butterball, Pink, Geo Phyzz, Keep it Fluffy (Orange), Blackberry, Avobath, Big Blue, Honey Bee and Sex Bomb.
Just think of how amazing this would look on top of a white fluffy towel by your clawfoot bathtub..

At $39.95 this is not exactly the inexpensive bath purchase I was looking for, but as LUSH kindly points out,  once the tin is empty it can be used  for plants, crayons or in my case, lipgloss. So I guess that makes it worth the price tag (to me).

You can find more fun products and designs from Jon here and if you're looking to have a laugh while attempting to get through Friday, check out his website's FAQs.