remember when you dreamt of a studded bright green platform shoe?

If you have been longing for such a shoe, today is your lucky day! For those of us that missed out on JC's TICK studded wedge, let me introduce you to the FOXY TICK, a t-strap studded 4 1/2 inch platform. Wow.

It's so shiny and amazing...

Of course, if you are going to wear this fabulous shoe you will have to adorn your nails as well. May I suggest a disco nail ring by Bijules?

That's right. It's a ring. For your nail. Maybe you need to see them on to get the full effect..

If you still are not convinced that the nail ring is for you, maybe just wear your FOXY TICKs with a leather tassel detailed fanny pack.

Images via SoleStruck and 80s Purple


  1. the nail ring and especially the shoes nee to be MINE...i adore them both :D those shoes are amazing


  2. I know! I need those shoes as well - they already have very limited sizes : (

  3. Replies
    1. You can still find them Rebecca! So comfortable too... XO