DIY statement ring

Recently when I have been lurking around the web for things that I think that I need, I have noticed a lot of really beautiful jewelry for the fall. Inevitably though, the things I fall in love with also happen to be things that cost $300 - not free. I enjoy making my own jewelry, so one day I was searching for a how-to video for feather earrings and came across a great video on DIY wrapped rings. Wrapping stones is a fabulous way to create something unique for relatively cheap.

The material/tools used: a piece of colored stone with holes already in it (holes are not necessary unless you choose to make a gi-normous ring like I did), needle nose pliers, gold or silver wire, a ring mandrel. The ring mandrel is important because you will start wrapping on the mandrel one ring size larger than the size that you need. You can find them on eBay for under $10.

  1. Cut about 1/2 yard of  your wire and thread it through the stone so that both sides are even. If your stone doesn't have a hole (only recommended if it is small) just wrap wire around it and secure on the underside by twisting a few times. 
  2. Place the stone on the mandrel at a size larger than your ring size. This is because the width of the wire will make the ring smaller once you start wrapping.
  3. Wrap away! You will want to wrap wire around the mandrel a few times to establish the actual "ring". Then you can use the wire to create something interesting around the stone. 
  4. When both sides of the wire that you started out with have been wrapped and you have a design you like, wrap the leftover wire around the base (underneath) of the stone where it meets the ring. 
Huh? I know, sounds confusing. It is really very easy once you get the hang of it. Don't be afraid to start over - I had to several times. Keep in mind as well that I used a very large piece of stone that needed a wire ring on both ends. You only need to wrap through or around the middle of your stone if you are not trying to create a ring that covers most of your finger. 

If you are a visual learner, this is the video that I watched to get acquainted with the idea of wrapping. Not to be confused with rapping, which I know nothing about.