missoni + target = joy

I can honestly say I have not been this excited about something in a long while. What does that say about me? Not concerned - anyway, Target's newest designer collab is a line of hard and soft goods from Missoni. Dresses, pillows, cups, bikes, bags, blankets, plates..

I'm a bit faint. And I think I need a new bike.

September 13th my friends. I'm stoked.



  1. Ahh.. that retro pattern is so pleasantly nostalgic.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2011

    I can NOT wait ! I am planning on camping outside of target on the 12th. (Kidding, I can't camp, I have too many nightly essential items) but I will be there first thing in the morning on the 13th !

  3. I have seriously mapped out a plan that involves a large target in the city and a somewhat smaller one (less people to fight with for that blanket), water and Nike's. I will not not have that blanket! Lol