Urban Environment UV Protection Cream From Shiseido - AKA, the Greatest Sunscreen Ever

I do not like sunscreen. It is greasy, it makes makeup change colors, it makes me breakout. But then I found Shiseido's Urban Environment UV Protection Cream and all of my anger towards sunscreen faded..along with my nasty sunspots. This is quite possibly the lightest sunscreen I have ever used, and I have used a lot of sunscreen.

Wearing an SPF is a must, so I am honestly grateful to have found one that actually makes my skin look and feel better. This is non-greasy, light and contains ingredients to hydrate and protect your skin from the pollutants we encounter outdoors. It's fabulous, and at $30 for almost 2oz it is affordable as well. I have been wearing it under L'Oréal's True Match foundation for the last month and it does not make the foundation pill or change color (pilling is explained here).

What's in it:
Hydro-Restoring Complex: Contains nourishing amino acids that naturally exist in the skin to provide intense moisture.

Thiotaurine: Protects against oxidative stressors found in daily life.

Rose Apple Leaf Extract: Prevents DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer and weakening of immune system.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract: Protects against damage to fibroblasts.