butter LONDON has my hands and feet fall-ready

I have always been very skincare/makeup obsessed, often leaving my poor hands and feet high and dry (literally - they are always very dry). Recently though I have fallen in love with a relatively new brand called butter LONDON. Sasha Muir (the brand's founder) decided that it was time to mix nail care, high fashion and health. She teamed up with a top London manicurist to create a line of beautifully bottled products free of formaldehyde, toluene and phthales.

I love all of the nail and foot care products in this line, but I am especially fond of anything that makes my feet look freshly pedicured. Rock Off Callus Remover does just that in 3 minutes. All I have to do is apply this to the bottom of my feet with a cotton pad, lounge around for 2 or 3 minutes and voilĂ  - super soft feet!

I also love the line's cuticle remover, Melt Away, that actually dissolves cuticles and leaves your hands looking like you just sat for a manicure in 2 minutes. This comes in a 0.6 oz bottle that lasts forever, and at only $20 that is a lot of money saved on manicures at a nail salon...


  1. i've never seen the rock off but want it badly! i love all of the butter products that i've tried so i know that this would be right up my alley :D thanks for featuring, something else to add to the shopping list

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  2. This looks like awesome stuff. Do you know if it's CF?

  3. Hi Jen! Butter London is totaly cruelty-free :)

  4. Which is the best pedicure tool.