Clinical Peel & Reveal From Peter Thomas Roth

I am a huge fan of at-home peels and masks because I truly feel that you can get very similar results to what you would get from a doctor's office or spa with many of the products on the market today (not that they should replace your esthetician or dermatologist, derr). One of the newest products from Peter Thomas Roth, Clinical Peel & Reveal, is a fabulous example of a treatment that you can add to your routine at home that will give you similar results to a chemical peel that you would get from your doctor without the downtime or price tag.

Clinical Peel & Reveal utilizes three anti-aging resurfacers: alpha hydroxy acid to work as a peeling agent, pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate on a surface level and aluminum oxide to physically polish off dead skin cells. The directions says to polish first, but personally I apply the peel and let it sit for 5 minutes and then (gently) polish skin with the remaining micropolishing aluminum oxide powder to slough off dead skin. Once I have rinsed off any remaining product I apply a serum, as anyone in their right mind would.

Right after a chemical peel is the perfect time for serums or rich moisturizers because your skin is prepped and ready to absorb the product. It is pratically begging you to apply a serum; if skin had a tiny voice it would scream "please apply a hyaluronic to me now!"

At $58 for 3.4 oz this product is an affordable way to add some much needed exfoliation to your winter skin care routine.