how to find a shadow that enhances your eye color - guest post

When applying eye makeup, most women consider the look that they want as well as the color palette that they want to use. While this is a good way to start, one of the most important things to consider is actually the color of your eyes. Whether you have brown, green or blue eyes makes all the difference in how your makeup will look and whether or not you can wear a certain color and look good in it. After all the last thing you want is for your eye makeup to make your eyes appear to be smaller or sunken in. Here are some tips on selecting eye shadow based on your eye color:

Blue Eyes - Blue eyes are very beautiful and stand out on their own but with a little bit of the right color shadow they can really make a lasting impression. To make your blue eyes stand out even more try using a brown, copper, charcoal, or lilac eye shadow. These colors are warm and will lend themselves beautifully to your eyes. If you’re in the mood to wear blue eye shadow you should make sure to wear a shade of blue that is a few shades darker than your eye color so that they don’t blend in together.
Green Eyes - Green eyes are warm and inviting. However they are the most difficult eye colors to work with as far as eye shadows go. The colors that work best with green eyes are lilac, royal purple, taupe, brown and forest green. These colors will work with your green eyes and won’t over power or take away from them as some other colors may.
Brown Eyes - Brown eyes are rich, dreamy and the easiest to find colors for because they go with everything. Blue, green, purple, brown, grey, you name it and it will work. So how does a brown eye girl pick a color? Easy! Just head to your favorite makeup counter and try them all on until you find what you’re looking for.
Once you find eye shadow colors that look great on you it’s easy to mix them to create fun vibrant looks. Good luck and enjoy!
This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.