if you create deer & butterfly faux lashes i will wear them

I wish that I could say that long ago I had thought to myself "why don't they make faux lashes out of intricate paper-cut patterns of things like deer and butterflies..." but alas, I did not. Lucky for us, a company called PAPERSELF did and they are now available at Sephora. For $19 you can have an entire lash full of woodland creatures, peacock feathers, flowers or sea critters.

I don't think that I am cool enough to rock an eyeful of deer, but the peacock lash may just be the perfect way to amp up a New Year's Eve outfit. I foresee a trip to Sephora in my near future...


  1. Oh to be young enough to wear something like this. If I wore them then Cojo would have me on his "worst list".

  2. Whoa, craziness!! I don't know that I could pull this off...