ponchos, platforms and promos

I am trying desperately not to go overboard on winter clothing this year since we have recently moved into an apartment the size of some walk-in closets. I have plenty of sweaters, boots and jeans (although I did invest in a pair of bell bottoms; a must for fall), but I seem to be missing a poncho and a fabulous closed-toe platform. Luckily I came across several promotional codes this week that will make my purchases more pocketbook friendly, saving room for a new lipstick!

This is the new Cheeeky (yes, three Es) from Steve Madden. Right now with code FALL30 you can save 30% off the normal price of $119. I just purchased these and after shipping, taxes and the code they were around $96. Due to the fact that this heel is comfortable and has a 5 inch platform, which would make me a whopping 5'7, I would have paid several hundred dollars for them. Seriously.

I love love love this poncho from Urban 1972. This website reminds me a lot of Urban Outfitters but without the $150-per-sweater price tag. Right now code StyleWatch20 takes 20% off your entire online order through September 19th, making the sweater under $60.

So, since I have now basically saved myself fifty dollars (if you take into consideration what my total would have been without the discounts) I think I will buy a new lipstick to match my sweater! I think Mac Ruby Woo would look amazing with it and currently promo code MACTOTE gets you free shipping on all orders through Sunday September 11th.

Whew, saving money can be exhausting..

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  1. those shoes are AWESOME, i love the size of the heel and platform. they look so great

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com