going on currently at the doll house: nails, heels, sushi and booze

The last few months have literally flown by. I have cherished my weekends even more than usual lately because they seem to somehow be getting shorter. By the time that I have somewhat relaxed after a long week it is halfway through Saturday, with Monday looming around the corner..

This has led to me: drinking wine in bed, reading magazines for hours, painting my nails colors that bring me back to my youth, eating out far too much and cleaning in 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell clogs. And none of this bothers me. Life is stressful; I highly suggest that all women take a day to paint their nails white-out white (may I suggest Sally Hansen's Whirlwind?) and walk around the house lightly dusting in their favorite shoes. Dusting is not a must, but it does make you feel as though you have accomplished something.

 I swear these clogs are very comfortable. They are a bit loud on a hardwood floor, but that is a small price to pay for an additional 5 inches. I think that these will be my go-to shoe for fall.