12 gifts i'm lusting over part 2: NARS danmari all about cheeks palette

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! I first saw this palette in an email from Sephora and wondered to myself why anyone would spend $65 on blush. I of course had no choice but to immediately head over to Sephora.com and get all of the details on the Danmari Palette; upon doing so I realized that these are FULL SIZED!! Meaning that normally just the two middle blushes (best selling Orgasm and Super Orgasm) would cost a blush-lover $54. For the tiny amount of eleven dollars more, you get two additional blush colors, a highlighter and a gorgeous bronzer. Sephora is calling this an $107 value, but due to the fact that NARS blushes run around $27, that seems a bit low to me. I received this in the mail last week and have been enthralled by it ever since (and I am not even really all that into blush).

So when someone says "you want me to spend $65 on blush for you this Christmas?!", first, tell them not to question your desires - it's impolite, then explain to them that you are actually trying to save them money.

$42 to be exact, which is very kind of you.