12 gifts i'm lusting over part one: the anya hindmarch large homework tote

I am a huge fan of the holiday gift guides that begin to appear in magazines around November, so I thought that I would do my own! We are so busy this time of year (and in general) that it's hard to find unique gifts for friends and family; I have certainly given my share of Barnes & Noble gift cards. I think that gifts should be the kinds of things that we would lust over in a magazine but feel guilty purchasing for ourselves.

An example of just that sort of gift is the Large Homework Tote by Anya Hindmarch. When I first saw this gorgeous bag on Bloomingdale's website I started to immediately imaging all of the wonderful things that I could fit into it. Anya is the genius behind the 'I'm not a plastic bag' tote that became very popular among celebs a few years back. Her leather bags run between $500 and $1000, so the Homework Tote, at $150, is the perfect way to have a piece of her collection without braking the bank. This bag is would be an amazing gift for a daughter on her way to college, a mom-to-be that isn't looking forward to carrying a diaper bag or a fashionable sister who already has everything.

Basically, there is no one that could not find a reason to use/love this bag. Want.

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