envi nail enamel dryer

I don't usually use a nail enamel dryer because it seems like they often either a. don't work or b. make polish look dull. I came across this large, retro looking can several months ago (I think at CVS or Walmart?) and have been hooked ever since. This cuts drying time in half, conditions nail cuticle and does not affect the color/shine. An even spray of Envi at about 3 inches from your nail sets polish to perfections in under 10 minutes.

The unfortunate thing is I can't find this product online anywhere. So strange. This is a large can at 9oz, but it won't last forever, so I am on a mission to find this product again. Anyone else ever used this?


  1. i've never seen that! sounds cool :D want!

  2. Hey Doll!
    I thought I was the only one who used this stuff. I've been using it for years and think its great! I either use this one or the other one by DeMert. They both do the same exact thing and aren't more than $4/. You're right though, sometimes it isn't easy to find this. I've only seen it at either CVS or Walgreens and sometimes they dont have it. Have you looked in either of those stores lately?
    I found the one by DeMert on Walgreens.com, and on Amazon.com Here's the links for both if you cant find it anywhere else:

    Amazon- http://amzn.to/vrfOlD
    Walgreens- http://bit.ly/vLbeN4

    Hope this helped. If you prefer the envi brand I'm sure they have to sell it somewhere online. Hope you find it :)))


  3. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the info! My CVS doesn't have it any longer but I am still searching. In the meantime I will check out the one by DeMert. XOXO