clinique lid smoothie antioxidant 8-hour colour

My first full-time job was working as a makeup artist at an Estée Lauder counter at the mall. I was finishing cosmetology school at the time with a focus on skin care, so I often wondered over to the Clinique counter to read the ingredients in their numerous skin care lines. I never have really been sold on their skin care (that yellow moisturizer scares me) but they have recently come out with several new products in their color line that are amazing, Lid Smoothies being one of them.

I literally followed a woman into the restroom when I was out with friends not to long ago to ask her what she had on her eyes. It was the most gorgeous shade of silver/grey with just a hint of shimmer. The color was bold and completely free of any creasing (it was pretty late in the evening), so I assumed that it was possibly a color from Urban Decay or NARS. When she told me it was Clinique Lid Smoothie in Salt and Pepper I thanked her and promptly ordered a tube from my phone. Every time I wear it people ask me what it is, so I'm thinking that I need to order another one (or six).