12 gifts i'm lusting after 8, 9 & 10: nine west javana boot and more

So Nine West has a ton of boots on their site that are between 30 and 70% off. OMG. I personally have purchased 3 pairs in the last week. Then this morning I browse the site for a moment, as usual (bad idea?), and see that the freaking amazing Runway Relief Boot is on sale for half of the original price. I know it's almost Christmas, but maybe Santa will let me add these to my list. How could I have known they would be $99 today??

If I am not allowed to add additional boots to my list I suppose I will try to just be happy with the boots I did order, which includes the Amrit, gorgeous black mid-calf boots that are on sale for $67. You can't even buy 14 lattes from Starbucks for $67.

I realized while trying not to purchase any more boots that I didn't have a sensible pair, ya know, with a 3 inch heal and lug soles. The Javana Boot seemed to appear before me in a beautiful halo and say "we will be easier to walk in this winter than heals and we're only $59 Rachel". So those should be here on Friday...

I need a boot-er-vention.



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