review: the schick quattro trim style razor and bikini trimmer

I do not like hair on my body. Luckily, I am not a very hairy individual, but I still have to shave every few days. I am so OCD about hair that I will literally get out of bed and take a bath so that I can shave if I feel like my leg hair is bothering me because it's become longer than I can handle (unable to be seen by the naked eye). Due to my ridiculousness, razors are very important to me. I have never understood how my friends can use those pink plastic (or, the horror, the scary yellow and white ones) razors that come a million to a bag for $5.99. I wish that I could, but I somehow manage to do some serious damage to my shins unless I use something pricier - normally my husband's MACH3. The problem with that is, well, it's made for boys. There is very little bend in the blade, so going around curves can be an issue.

Having now said more about razors and shaving than I ever would have imagined, let me introduce you to my new BSF (best shaving friend) the Schick Quattro For Women Trim Style. You've seen the commercials where the overgrown "bushes" become trim and attractive as seductive-looking women walk by them, right? I am still unsure of how I feel about the ad campaign, but I am very sure of how much I love this razor. It shaves closely without nicking, curves to your body and is around $12. And it doesn't end there. This thing also comes with a waterproof, battery operated trimmer for your you-know-what. I figured I wouldn't use that function but I have, and it really works! I wish that it came with at least one more guard in a different length, but I use it minus the guard and am very pleased with how everything is, um..looking. This is something that I would definitely purchase (I was sent one for review) and I may even give this as a stocking stuffer this year. To close friends.