opi black shatter polish is the bestest

Last week I decided that I was not going home without OPI's new Katy Perry Black Shatter, a polish that sells out at all of the local beauty supply stores within minutes of hitting the shelves (and is on eBay for $30??).

I bribed someone at State Beauty with some skincare and managed to land one, making me uber-happy. I used The One That Got Away (also Katy Perry for OPI) and then applied Black Shatter over it.

WOW. Heart it.

Apply a thick coat after base is totally dry and then apply top coat for best results.

PS: this look takes about 10 minutes + 10 minutes drying time since the goal is not perfection, which is amazing in itself!

latest girl crush: Camilla d'Errico

I came across Camilla d'Errico's artwork through another blog and fell in heart basically on the spot. It's beautiful, majestic and a bit creepy - all things that I aspire to be.

Notice also her firm belief in the use of the color pink (soulmates?). I had an epiphany while viewing her work and decided that I would try and contact her to suggest that she use her mad skills in the world of fashion. Apparently she already had that idea as well... 

i love pamela love

This is a total knock off (but a good one) of Pamela Love's beautiful Double Cage Ring.



urban outfitters filigree jewelry hook

Recently I realised that I had purchased a lot of new jewelry lately, not because I don't own a ton already, but because it was in varies piles all over the house.

So I found this amazing little Piece at Urban Outfitters for $24: the Filigree Jewelry Hook.

I can't stop staring at it! I think I need at least one more..