maybelline's falsies mascara is basically mmazing

I own around 30 mascaras. I am not bragging, that is just the way it works when you're a total product...junkie.

I have a few "go to" mascaras that I use when I know that I want to have a lotta lash and not much else on. One of those is Maybelline's Great Lash (I know, I know, that's what they all say). So when I heard that they had come out with a mascara claiming to make your lashes look like falsies, I of course ran to Target and purchased it immediately.

OMG. I literally came home, ripped open the box and applied to one eye with my compact so that I could take a picture and compare eyes. While standing in my kitchen, mind you.

So once you get past the fact that I am makeup-less and it's about 10am, check out those flippin lashes on the left! And that was only one coat.

I bought a few more so that I can sleep better at night knowing that I will not run out.

i wanna be furr-ocious

In case I was not depressed enough from the shit weather that we have been having, I also recently found out that all winter long I went without anything from from

I bet this chick doesn't mind the cold - how could she when she has furry ears and a cozy hood?

I guess if she can wear her hood with shorts so can I..

heritage 1981 love tee

I have been rockin hearts since the age of..well, at least 5, probably sooner. Nothing says "I love you" like wearing a shirt that actually has the word love on it..

Forever 21's hippie sister Heritage 1981 has an entire section of tees dedicated to the word. And that makes me happy. Check it out here.