givenchy shadow goes neon and i like it

The Givenchy Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow Palette. For $62 you can house this gorge palette in your makeup collection. All of your friends will be envious. Or they will think that it is ridic that you spent $62 on a shadow palette.

Just remind them that it is limited-edition Givenchy.


L'Essence de Boshea Love

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this new cream that will be available in select Costco stores May 2nd and it is fabulous! I am a bit of a hand cream snob (I have used AHAVA and Aveda for years) and was always under the impression that you had to pay a ton of money to get one that actually works. How wrong I was.

This comes in a 5.2oz tube and you get two tubes for $18. I am still reeling from the shock of this. At that price I will be rubbing this product on my hands, my feet, pretty much all over. L'Essence de Boshea  is made up of 20%  pure Shea Butter and also contains coconut oil and honey extract. It was not greasy at all and smells like a spa! smell...

 Click here to see if you're one of the lucky ones that will be able to find it in your local Costco next month.

what are the odds..

that I can convince husband that I will die if I don't get this for my birthday?

In white. Someone let him know for me please. I'm not sure if he knows I have a blog...

Found at Barneys New York.

beautisol need i glow more

I have been checking myself out in any mirror available ever since I applied Need I Glow More?™ by Beautisol. Not just out of pure vanity, but also out of pure shock. I have not seen any color on my sad, pale face for months now, and I was beginning to think I may never again. My fears were appeased though after one (that's right, ONE!!) application of the company's self-tanner specifically for your face.

I love that this product is designed for the face, since as we all know, the skin on our face is not the same as the skin on our...anywhere else on our body. Yet until recently most tanning products claimed to be meant for the body and the face. In my experience most broke my face out and left me a leathery-looking orange. Not attractive. This one goes on a dark golden color, which at first concerned me until I realized I knew exactly where the product was going instead of the apply-and-pray method (were you hope the white lotion actually covered your entire face and turns a decent shade of tan in the near future). It also comes in a normal-dry-sensitive formulation or a normal-oily-problematic formulation is for those with oily or acneic skin.

How cute is the application guide that comes with the product, and doesn't the girl on the right look so much happier now that she's tan?

Need I Glow More?™ was also featured on the Today Show this morning which you can view here.

CNG is the new GTL

My plan for Sunday was to do very little while still accomplishing something (painting nails with new Sally Hansen polish), so I decided to coin my day in honor of The Jersey Shore. I will now refer to Sundays as CNG, or Coffee-Nails-Gossip. That way I don't have to tell people that I like to buy a $5 latte, paint my nails and toes and read trashy mags on Sunday. I will just state that I CNG and let them decide what that means.

Viva la CNG.

the frye miranda back zip is calling for me

I have been so stressed lately that the only thing that I found to make myself feel better was scrolling through the boot section of Zappos.

That's when I saw these. The Miranda Back Zip from Frye (my personal fave for boots).

They made me so happy to look at that I bought them, am wearing them right now and feel so much better!