the brighter the better, heels + lipstick equals love

I have mentioned my love of Payless Shoesourse in the past, but this time they have outdone themselves. Check out the Genova Elastic Strap Sandal that is part of the summer collection by Silvia Tcherassi for Payless. These babies are under $100 and have a 4.5" heel and would make Rainbow Brite envious. It is like they were made for me (and anyone else who is vertically challenged).

Then there is the Jessica Simpson Bendie, another height-creating masterpiece. This lovely pair of heels is also under $100 and screams "PLEASE WEAR ME WITH A BLACK DRESS RACHEL!!".

Or at least that is what I hear.

Obviously if you're going to sport a fab shoe you should also sport a fab lip. L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red pairs perfectly with a bold shoe, last all day and does not dry lips out! You will look just like Gwen Stafani. Well, your lips will look similar to hers...

possibly the cutest lip scrub on earth: sara happ the lip scrub

I have been making lip scrub since around the age of ten out of brown sugar and olive oil, and while this does a perfectly fine job of exfoliating, sometimes you need a cute pink jar. I came across lip-scrub-extraordinaire Sara Happ while browsing a fashion magazine and immediately had to lurk her online. Sara's line of lip products can be found in over 400 luxury boutiques worldwide and all products come in a white ribbon wrapped truffle box. Fabulous.

There are several different flavors but I am partial to this limited edition one that tastes like a juicy pink grapefruit. These are not inexpensive at $24.00, but they are in a 1oz jar and contain high-quality ingredients, so the product is worth the cost in my opinion (and I am a lip product connoisseur, so I say). Another plus is that once the product is gone you can refill the pretty container with a homemade concoction such as:
  • 1 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 2 table spoons of organic olive oil
  • a squeeze of lemon (an excellent lip exfoliator)
  • a few drops of peppermint oil to plump

dove ultimate go sleeveless deodorant - review

Dove has recently launched several new products that are meant to not only help keep your underarms dry, but also soft and smooth! They were kind enough to send me the Ultimate Go Sleeveless Pearl Finish Deodorant, which is packed with 1/4 translucent moisturizers. The line is meant to keep you wetness-free for 24 hours and have you tank top ready in 5 days.

I was very happy with the way that this deodorant felt on, as well as the fact that it did not come off on my clothing at all. As far as wetness protection I think it did pretty well. I don't know how it would hold up for an entire day (for me it lasted about 7-8 hours) but reapplying is not a big deal so that didn't bother me. It also smells fantastic! I would definitely repurchase this product.


can the healing cooler make me look twenty??

**UPDATE: I had a negative experience with these people on my second order. Unfortunately I would not recommend ordering from them unless you are in New York. My juices arrived warm and would not mix together, even when I shook them vigorously. After calling Healing Cooler they pretty much called me a liar, and that was after several emails and phone calls just trying to get someone to respond back to me. For $100 (cost plus shipping outside of NY) for six containers of juice I expected a bit more in terms of customer service.

 If I am going to pay $100 to not eat for 3 days then it had better. I have recently had an issue rosacea, along with sleepless nights, general discontent and headaches. Obviously the first thing that I thought was that I needed to fast. Why try a new skincare line, get some sleep or deal with my stress when I can just not eat for a few days (I really do think that fasting here and there is good for you)? If you look online there are a plethora of people who will tell you that fasting basically cures all, and that is what I was in need of: everything and anything that may need curing cured.

Of course I could not just run to Whole Foods and pick up some Naked Juice for $9.99 - I had to have my juices flown in from New York via overnight airmail. I placed my order online Friday night, somewhat suspicious as to whether or not my juice would actually arrive before 3pm on Tuesday...but it did!
The company is ran by Eric Helms, one of New York City's juicing pioneers, and each cooler comes with 6 fresh-pressed juices. I chose pear mint, grapefruit and carrot apple. Basically my idea was to drink 2 a day for 3 days. I did not eat anything else, drank tons of water and tried to get a lot of rest.

I actually loved the juice (especially pear mint) and felt amazing by the third day. I was never really hungry and I never felt deprived. I lost a few pounds, slept very well for 3 nights and my skin looks so much better. I would definitely do this again! I attempted to try again a few weeks later with Naked's Green Machine and the results were no where near the same. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, and if you're going to truly cleanse it should probably be with juice that is hours old and not juice that is weeks old (organic or not).

p.s. I can't help but think that the pear mint would make an amazing cocktail mixed with some dark rum. Just as a congratulatory thing - after the fast of course.

butter london diamond geezer and jaffa

This polish has become one of my favorites lately. It comes in shades that range from very classical to uber-trendy. This is Diamond Geezer, a color that I wore all winter. It goes on very easily and silvers tent to dry fast. This even looks good without a (gasp!) topcoat.

All butter London polishes are 3 free, meaning no Formaldehyde, No toluene, and No DBP (Phthales).


This is a newer color called Jaffa that is the perfect creamy orange and will be on my toes very soon..

skincare tips from dr. jessica wu

When I first got into skincare an amount of years ago that would make me seem old, I noticed how serious people take it. This is highly understandable since our faces are important to us; however we cannot control everything that our skin does no matter how hard we try, so I think it's ok to have some fun with skincare.

I found Dr. Jessica Wu on Twitter and quickly realized that we were skincare soulmates (she may not know that yet, but that's fine). She is knowledgeable, super cute, and also enjoys wine and pizza (and tells people that there is nothing wrong with a little wine and pizza). That is basically all it takes to be my friend. I also love how approachable and fun she makes skincare. Her new book Feed Your Face is also pretty fabulous and definitely worth taking to the pool with you this summer.

Aveeno was recently king enough to share several tips that Dr. Wu provided them and I thought that I would share them as well:

TIP #1

Many people don’t realize this but the condition of your skin has at least 50% to do with the food you eat – Choosing to eat the right foods is as important as choosing the right skin care ingredients. To keep your skin looking youthful, be sure to have some protein at every meal, since collagen (which keeps your skin firm) and elastic tissue (which helps it bounce back) are both made of protein. This will also help keep your blood sugar stable, which fights acne, rashes, and wrinkles.

TIP #2

Everyone focuses on what you can't eat, not what you can. You do not need to starve for good skin. For example, EAT PIZZA! Start with whole wheat thin crust, go light on the cheese and load it with tomato sauce and green & yellow veggies. Yum!

TIP #3

Incorporating tomatoes into your diet or preparing foods with tomato paste has been shown to help skin by protecting it from sun burn and sun damage. This is because tomatoes contain a high concentration of lycopene, a strong antioxidant. For best results, the tomatoes need to be cooked or processed. Also using a product like AVEENO®’s Positively Radiant Moisturizer with Total Soy Complex will assist with Sun Damaged Skin. Over time, the Total Soy complex naturally evens tones, smooths texture and softens skin.

TIP #4

For clear skin, stay away from dairy. Milk cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products have been linked to acne breakouts. In recent years, research has shown that dairy is inflammatory, which means that is leads to redness, swelling, and pus – all of which can worsen pimples. Try switching to soy milk or almond milk: just make sure you are getting calcium another way. Also using a product like AVEENO®’s SMART ESSENTIALS™ Pore Purifying Facial Wash will restore radiance and rejuvenates the complexion.

TIP #5

The Omega 3 fatty acids in fish are shown to stimulate blood circulation, benefiting the cardiovascular system. Omega-3s have been linked with prevention and treatment of skin disorders. Also using a product like AVEENO®’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion with its unique natural oatmeal formula helps prevent and protect dry skin.
Check out Aveeno here for more information on products.

lather bamboo lemongrass foaming body scrub is delish

I am constantly in search of an amazing line of body care, and have been somewhat saddened by what is available over the years. I was never one of the girls in gym class slathering themselves down with Bath & Body Works Country Apple scent lotion (thank goodness) and pretending that it was the greatest thing ever (it is not).

Then LATHER arrived, with it's natural ingredients, yummy essential oils and its biodegradable plastic jars and I have been looking for reasons to take a bath ever since.

This line has many products that I would reorder, but my favorite by far is the award-winning
Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub. This scrub looks like a beach in Hawaii, smells just like fresh lemongrass and actually does lather into a creamy, conditioning foam. Ah. Maze. Ing.

Just look at how fantastic that scrub is. I still become not unlike a three year old when it turns from a scrub into a foam...