i like my bath bombs to be meaningful and artistic

I was online yesterday searching for inexpensive bath products to include in a goody bag for a dinner party I am having when I came across something so fabulous I had to have it. I have been a fan of Jon Burgerman's work for a while and so I was extremely excited to see that he had collaborated with LUSH on a product I could actually afford and use.

Behold the Limited Edition Bathtime Favourites Tin, doodles by Jon Burgerman. The tin contains 9 bath bombs in popular LUSH fragrances: Butterball, Pink, Geo Phyzz, Keep it Fluffy (Orange), Blackberry, Avobath, Big Blue, Honey Bee and Sex Bomb.
Just think of how amazing this would look on top of a white fluffy towel by your clawfoot bathtub..

At $39.95 this is not exactly the inexpensive bath purchase I was looking for, but as LUSH kindly points out,  once the tin is empty it can be used  for plants, crayons or in my case, lipgloss. So I guess that makes it worth the price tag (to me).

You can find more fun products and designs from Jon here and if you're looking to have a laugh while attempting to get through Friday, check out his website's FAQs.

i knew it....

It is almost the weekend lovelies! I am beyond thrilled.

Letterpress by Sapling Press on Etsy

sally hansen mint sprint is my new summer nail color

I am in love with this nail color. I promise that somehow this particular shade of teal goes with anything. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes seriously are dry (really dry, not the youwillsmudgeifyoutouchsomething dry) in under 5 minutes. The brush is very large, which is not great for me and my mini-hands, but for normal nail beds it is probably a time saver because you can cover a nail in two strokes. Or if you're me you can cover your nail and half of your fingertip in one stroke.

If you are wearing Mint Sprint you will want to find a bouquet of yellow daisies to caress because it really makes the color pop..

stila is pretty much giving away their latest palette

Stila's latest palette Living Life in Laguna is $14. That includes four shadows, a cheek color and a bronzer. For $14. The insanity doesn't end there though - they are also offering free shipping through Friday at midnight with promo code SUMMERFUN. There are five new beach-inspired palettes currently, but this one is the most universal and the prettiest in my opinion.

Let us recap: if you purchase the gorgeous palette displayed above, it will only cost you $14. That includes having it shipped to you if the order is placed within the next 48 hours.


remember when you dreamt of a studded bright green platform shoe?

If you have been longing for such a shoe, today is your lucky day! For those of us that missed out on JC's TICK studded wedge, let me introduce you to the FOXY TICK, a t-strap studded 4 1/2 inch platform. Wow.

It's so shiny and amazing...

Of course, if you are going to wear this fabulous shoe you will have to adorn your nails as well. May I suggest a disco nail ring by Bijules?

That's right. It's a ring. For your nail. Maybe you need to see them on to get the full effect..

If you still are not convinced that the nail ring is for you, maybe just wear your FOXY TICKs with a leather tassel detailed fanny pack.

Images via SoleStruck and 80s Purple

why just eat food when you can eat attractive food?

The Caprese salad (salad in the style of Capri, an Italian island  - fancy, I know) is my all-time favorite salad. This is a big deal due to the fact that the majority of my food intake is salad. That means it really had to compete for my attention. You do incorporate bread into this meal - or at least I do, so it did not have to compete all that hard, realistically speaking.

Above is my version, which incorporates all major food groups (most all) including: vegg, cheese, bread. You cannot see the bread in this image, but trust me, it was crusty and I ate a loaf of it. There are a lot of recipes for this salad online, but I have made this so often I think I  have it down, so I thought that I would share.
  1. Throw a few heirloom tomatoes in the mix. The salad doesn't have to be totally heirloom (that could get expensive) but a few makes the dish even more attractive and they are DELICIOUS. I buy them at our weekend farmer's market.
  2. I always reduce 1/2 cup of balsamic down to a few tablespoons so that it thick, making it less likely to sink into the mozzarella, making it look icky. This is very easy - just put balsamic on the stove, bring to a boil (this will happen very quickly because of balsamic's sugar content) and then reduce heat and let simmer for around 5 minutes.
  3. Season each tomato with salt and pepper as if you were seasoning a steak. Why should only half the tomatoes be yummy? Individually sprinkle those babies as if you were personally going to eat each and every one of them. Because you just might.
  4. Don't forget the bread. Caprese salads should be served with a large quantity of bread that is crusty on the outside but soft enough inside to absorb the fabulous balsamic reduction that you sweated over a stove for almost 7 minutes for.
And that's it! Assemble and consume. As you can see from image above, I just find a cute plate and start layering in an arbitrary fashion. If you are having guests over you may consider something like this:

I am so hungry now....

too faced shadow insurance is amaze

I have always used a shadow primer from Urban Decay (you probably have never heard of it, so I won't mention the name), but recently a client turned me on to Too Faced Shadow Insurance. For those who are not familiar with Too Faced, they were the ones to create the first lip plumping product to hit mass market, Lip Injection. This makes them genius in my book.

The first thing that I noticed about this product was that it is a good size (0.35oz) for $18. I am also a fan of the fact that you apply it with your fingers which allows you to pat it in really well were it is needed (as apposed to a lip gloss type applicator whose name remains unmentioned).

A little bit of this goes a very long way. Above is the amount that I use on both eyes - think about the size of the head on a Q-Tip. I used that tiny bit of product to create a large square on my hand to place shadow on.

On the left is Too Faced Shadow Duo in Erotica with no primer and on the right is the same shadow with the primer. I applied the shadow around noon and took pictures about 3 hours later. I think that it is obvious that the shadow over the primer is more prominent and the color is much closer to what it looks like in the shadow container. It also feathered much very little in comparison to the non-primer shadow, even through me *doing dishes.

This is the shadow squares in outdoor light with no editing, which I think makes it even clearer how well Shadow Insurance works. If you care about your shadows you will purchase this for them. They will thank you by looking bold and staying in place.

* By "doing" dishes I mean I was placing things in the dishwasher. Still noteworthy.

beachy beautiful à la kate moss

Kate looked fabulous on her recent wedding day in a dress by John Galliano, but what really caught my attention was her glowing complexion! I have expressed my concern for Kate's skin in the past, but on this day she looked as effortlessly good as only Kate Moss can look.

To get her look, a tinted primer such as Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Hint of Tint would be perfect. This is a product I was lucky enough to get to try recently and I will now never be without it. It covers beautifully and leaves skin looking flawless and glowy without looking shiny and orange. Shiny and orange is not a good look, as we (mostly) all know. Not only does this product make your skin look great while it is on, over time your pores appear smaller and your complexion because more even with repeated use.

I could seriously bore people with my new-found love for this product. I will instead move on to a lovely nude/matte lipstick to complete the look by recommending Stila long wear lip color in In the Nude. This product is a mix between a lipstick and a gloss that provides a lot of color without making lips look dry or cakey.