how to find a shadow that enhances your eye color - guest post

When applying eye makeup, most women consider the look that they want as well as the color palette that they want to use. While this is a good way to start, one of the most important things to consider is actually the color of your eyes. Whether you have brown, green or blue eyes makes all the difference in how your makeup will look and whether or not you can wear a certain color and look good in it. After all the last thing you want is for your eye makeup to make your eyes appear to be smaller or sunken in. Here are some tips on selecting eye shadow based on your eye color:

Blue Eyes - Blue eyes are very beautiful and stand out on their own but with a little bit of the right color shadow they can really make a lasting impression. To make your blue eyes stand out even more try using a brown, copper, charcoal, or lilac eye shadow. These colors are warm and will lend themselves beautifully to your eyes. If you’re in the mood to wear blue eye shadow you should make sure to wear a shade of blue that is a few shades darker than your eye color so that they don’t blend in together.
Green Eyes - Green eyes are warm and inviting. However they are the most difficult eye colors to work with as far as eye shadows go. The colors that work best with green eyes are lilac, royal purple, taupe, brown and forest green. These colors will work with your green eyes and won’t over power or take away from them as some other colors may.
Brown Eyes - Brown eyes are rich, dreamy and the easiest to find colors for because they go with everything. Blue, green, purple, brown, grey, you name it and it will work. So how does a brown eye girl pick a color? Easy! Just head to your favorite makeup counter and try them all on until you find what you’re looking for.
Once you find eye shadow colors that look great on you it’s easy to mix them to create fun vibrant looks. Good luck and enjoy!
This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.

Clinical Peel & Reveal From Peter Thomas Roth

I am a huge fan of at-home peels and masks because I truly feel that you can get very similar results to what you would get from a doctor's office or spa with many of the products on the market today (not that they should replace your esthetician or dermatologist, derr). One of the newest products from Peter Thomas Roth, Clinical Peel & Reveal, is a fabulous example of a treatment that you can add to your routine at home that will give you similar results to a chemical peel that you would get from your doctor without the downtime or price tag.

Clinical Peel & Reveal utilizes three anti-aging resurfacers: alpha hydroxy acid to work as a peeling agent, pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate on a surface level and aluminum oxide to physically polish off dead skin cells. The directions says to polish first, but personally I apply the peel and let it sit for 5 minutes and then (gently) polish skin with the remaining micropolishing aluminum oxide powder to slough off dead skin. Once I have rinsed off any remaining product I apply a serum, as anyone in their right mind would.

Right after a chemical peel is the perfect time for serums or rich moisturizers because your skin is prepped and ready to absorb the product. It is pratically begging you to apply a serum; if skin had a tiny voice it would scream "please apply a hyaluronic to me now!"

At $58 for 3.4 oz this product is an affordable way to add some much needed exfoliation to your winter skin care routine.


if you create deer & butterfly faux lashes i will wear them

I wish that I could say that long ago I had thought to myself "why don't they make faux lashes out of intricate paper-cut patterns of things like deer and butterflies..." but alas, I did not. Lucky for us, a company called PAPERSELF did and they are now available at Sephora. For $19 you can have an entire lash full of woodland creatures, peacock feathers, flowers or sea critters.

I don't think that I am cool enough to rock an eyeful of deer, but the peacock lash may just be the perfect way to amp up a New Year's Eve outfit. I foresee a trip to Sephora in my near future...

almay oil-free eraser sticks are my new bffs

I heard about these several months ago and then somehow managed to forget all about them until a friend was kind enough to let me borrow one after a long night of dancing. The evidence can be found in many of the pictures taken of me over the last few months with sad, raccoon-ish looking eyes. These lovely little sticks remove under eye gunk such as shadow, mascara and liner in one swipe. Simply break off the end that has a stripe around it to release the fluid into the other end. Then you can remove anything left after washing your face with your magical eraser stick! No more tugging at the delicate skin underneath your eye with a cotton ball and some oily eye makeup remover that you never threw out even though it makes your eyes water or (even worse) your finger. I usually end up inadvertently wiping mascara that has pooled under my eye away with my finger which is bad, very bad.

These come in a pack of 24 and are currently available at for $4. That makes them around seventeen cents a piece, which is basically free.

my three favorite skin care ingredients

I get that when many people use the word ingredient they are referring to something that goes into a delectable dish, but when I hear it I tend to think of skin care. There are many ingredients to choose from these days, but these are my top three:

White Tea:
Origins has an entire line of products containing white tea, but their A Perfect World body cream is my favorite. White tea is full of antioxidants that fight free-radicals in order to prevent oxidation, deterioration and dehydration of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid:
I use Hydra 5 B-Complex by Cellex-C under my cream moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated during the dry, winter months. Hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in moisture, making it one of the most powerful natural moisturizing ingredients known to science. Amaze, right?

Our skin is made up of collagen; as we get older, collagen bonds breakdown. This leaves skin thin and lacking in support. Peptides are basically broken down links of collagen that can help skin create new collagen. I use DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Face Cream at night because it is full of amino acid peptides that improve firmness and decrease fine lines. Right now DERMAdoctor is giving one of these away on Twitter to a lucky follower!

ponchos, platforms and promos

I am trying desperately not to go overboard on winter clothing this year since we have recently moved into an apartment the size of some walk-in closets. I have plenty of sweaters, boots and jeans (although I did invest in a pair of bell bottoms; a must for fall), but I seem to be missing a poncho and a fabulous closed-toe platform. Luckily I came across several promotional codes this week that will make my purchases more pocketbook friendly, saving room for a new lipstick!

This is the new Cheeeky (yes, three Es) from Steve Madden. Right now with code FALL30 you can save 30% off the normal price of $119. I just purchased these and after shipping, taxes and the code they were around $96. Due to the fact that this heel is comfortable and has a 5 inch platform, which would make me a whopping 5'7, I would have paid several hundred dollars for them. Seriously.

I love love love this poncho from Urban 1972. This website reminds me a lot of Urban Outfitters but without the $150-per-sweater price tag. Right now code StyleWatch20 takes 20% off your entire online order through September 19th, making the sweater under $60.

So, since I have now basically saved myself fifty dollars (if you take into consideration what my total would have been without the discounts) I think I will buy a new lipstick to match my sweater! I think Mac Ruby Woo would look amazing with it and currently promo code MACTOTE gets you free shipping on all orders through Sunday September 11th.

Whew, saving money can be exhausting..

for those who can't be bothered with applying liner: dior velvet eyes

I was somewhat understanding of the odd eyeshadow stickers that came out a few years back, but stick-on liner? This is a new product from Dior called Velvet Eyes (Sephora calls this Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches - isn't it cute how they are so major they can just change the name of a product?). There are unfortunately not very many reviews of these yet, but at $59 they had better be good, not to mention reusable. For months.

I am still unsure of  what I think of these and will probably wait for more reviews to be available on Sephora (I'm chicken) before purchasing them, but you can go here to see them on a lovely, real person. Click on the images on British Beauty Blog to see the liner stickers even more up-close.

butter LONDON has my hands and feet fall-ready

I have always been very skincare/makeup obsessed, often leaving my poor hands and feet high and dry (literally - they are always very dry). Recently though I have fallen in love with a relatively new brand called butter LONDON. Sasha Muir (the brand's founder) decided that it was time to mix nail care, high fashion and health. She teamed up with a top London manicurist to create a line of beautifully bottled products free of formaldehyde, toluene and phthales.

I love all of the nail and foot care products in this line, but I am especially fond of anything that makes my feet look freshly pedicured. Rock Off Callus Remover does just that in 3 minutes. All I have to do is apply this to the bottom of my feet with a cotton pad, lounge around for 2 or 3 minutes and voilĂ  - super soft feet!

I also love the line's cuticle remover, Melt Away, that actually dissolves cuticles and leaves your hands looking like you just sat for a manicure in 2 minutes. This comes in a 0.6 oz bottle that lasts forever, and at only $20 that is a lot of money saved on manicures at a nail salon...