clark's botanicals intense radiance mask

I love masks. At a very young age I whipped them up for the entire family out of oatmeal and mashed bananas (very hydrating) or honey and brown sugar (great exfoliator). These days I am far more likely to throw one on that comes out of an attractive jar that I've purchased. I'm picky though, when it comes to masks; if I am going to spend the same amount on a mask as I would a facial it had better work.

I was thrilled when I learned that Clark's Botanicals had created a new product called Intense Radiance Mask a few months back. With a name like "Intense Radiance" and my love of all of the other products in Francesco's line, I figured that this mask would not disappoint. Not only does it not disappoint, it is kind of amaze. Intense Radiance Mask clarifies with white clay while algae extract and collagen nourish and rejuvenate skin. I apply the mask once a week and leave it on for about 25 minutes to receive the full benefits of all of the wonderful ingredients it contains. It clears up breakouts without being drying and plumps skin, leaving it tighter and brighter. This will definitely be a winter staple in my skin care routine in order to avoid the dullness that I often experience this time of year.


in my makeup bag now: revlon, mac mineralize satin skin finish foundation, maybelline and more

I have a lot of makeup up bags. One in my bathroom, several in the closet in our dressing room, in random, unused purses and then this one that is currently with me at all times. I love to see what other people are carrying in their purse because it is often their favorite stuff. My makeup bag is full (way to full) of products that I use daily; the stuff that I know I can apply in under 10 minutes and feel like I look pulled-together.

1. MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation. I tried 3 different MAC foundations a few weeks ago before I found this one and fell in love. It is not as heavy as some of the others, did not make me breakout and creates a smooth finish without looking cakey or dry.

2. Lippmann polish in Lara's Theme, which I have on here.

3. Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip and Just Bitten in Flame. I have never worn red lipstick but I saw Orange Flip on another blogger and it looked so pretty without being "to much" that I ran to CVS and picked one up the same day. I layer it over the Just Bitten to give it staying power.

4. Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 35. I started wearing this over the summer and fell in love.

5. MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. I purchased another 187 brush when mine finally died after 10 years a few months ago, and something was off about it. It felt different to me and started losing bristles almost immediately. It seems like they aren't making them the way they use to, so I exchanged it for this shorter brush and so far love it. It leaves your makeup looking airbrushed and natural.

6. Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Black. Obsessed. So good.

7. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This is one of those products that I don't know how I lived without. It can be used as a mask, primer or to refresh your makeup. I tap it on over foundation to perk it back up when I am heading out after work.

Things that are not pictured but that are always in my bag are: Chanel Glossimer in Giggle, Rhoto Artic Eye Drops, DERMAdoctor Med e Tate Towelettes, and L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Liner in black.

Hmm...I carry a lot of stuff on me..oh well.

i think my lips need the bliss fabulips 4-step kit ASAP

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with lip products. All lip products: scrubs, gloss, lipstick, lip treatments, lip balm - if I can put it on my lips I want it. So you can imagine my delight when Bliss introduced their Fabulips 4-Step Kit for lips a few weeks ago. For under $50 you get four fantastic lip products that ordinarily would cost around $74. Amazing. This kit would also make a wonderful Christmas gift for the friend or sister that is hard to buy for (get yourself one first though, obviously).

In the kit:

Foaming Lip Cleanser - a bubbly lip cleanser that removed impurities and even the darkest of dark lip shades
Sugar Lip Scrub - polishes lips to perfection, removing dead skin to help lipstick and lip gloss appear smoother
Instant Lip Plumper - mint, cork-tree extract and peptides plump and hydrate lips, giving them instant volume
Softening Lip Balm - conditions lips with Shea butter, jojoba and grape seed oils

deborah lippmann lara's theme

I tend to wear even more black and grey in the fall (as in daily) so a pop of color somewhere is important. When most people are swapping their pink summer polish for Black Onyx and other such shades, I am currently searching for bright orange and yellow.

Deborah Lippmann is the master of making polish appear creamy and rich, and Lara's Theme is a prime example of this. Described as a "double Dutch orange created with supermodel Lara Stone", this polish is the perfect orange-red for fall and holiday. I also love that it looks amazing on all skin tones, including the palest of pale, which happens to be me as of late.

i can't stop applying miracle skin transformer body

I have tried many body products that claim to cover imperfections, add a lovely sheen and overtime improve skin's appearance. Most of them, however, just leave me looking like a disco ball. It seems that companies think that in order to even out skin tone you need to add an unnatural shade of orange and some glitter to it. Not the case.

Having used Miracle Skin Transformer products in the past I knew that they actually do improve the tone and texture of skin within several weeks of use, so the body product coming out was very exciting. This product has the same consistency as the other products in the line - kind of a whipped foundation/primer feel. It glides on easily and actually does make your skin look very even while giving it a natural looking glow.  I love that this has an SPF of 20 in it as well; I have been using it on my hands to hide veins and protect them from the sun.

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 comes in 3 shades, sheer, glow and bronze. From my experience so far in helping friends pick a shade, most people would be able to use the glow to achieve a natural looking, kissed-by-the-sun, smooth appearance.  Bronze is for a deep skin tone or someone that is extremely tan. This is perfect for legs, shoulders and tops of arms this fall!

going on currently at the doll house: nails, heels, sushi and booze

The last few months have literally flown by. I have cherished my weekends even more than usual lately because they seem to somehow be getting shorter. By the time that I have somewhat relaxed after a long week it is halfway through Saturday, with Monday looming around the corner..

This has led to me: drinking wine in bed, reading magazines for hours, painting my nails colors that bring me back to my youth, eating out far too much and cleaning in 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell clogs. And none of this bothers me. Life is stressful; I highly suggest that all women take a day to paint their nails white-out white (may I suggest Sally Hansen's Whirlwind?) and walk around the house lightly dusting in their favorite shoes. Dusting is not a must, but it does make you feel as though you have accomplished something.

 I swear these clogs are very comfortable. They are a bit loud on a hardwood floor, but that is a small price to pay for an additional 5 inches. I think that these will be my go-to shoe for fall.

i'll come clean about the come clean exfoliating mitt

I am more than slightly obsessed with exfoliating. I think it started when I was in esthetics school and we started discussing the fact that product can't penetrate skin if dead skin cells are blocking your pores. Ever since then I have been on a very serious mission to make sure that my poor pores are unblocked and able to receive the numerous products that I inflict upon them. 

I was very excited when Come Clean Cosmetics offered to send me their exfoliating mitt since I was down to only about five different exfoliation products in my shower (the horror). At first glance this product doesn't look "scrubby" enough to really be effective, but oh, it is...

This sleek little grey mitt has been used for centuries in traditional European and Turkish baths to exfoliate the body, leaving it smooth and free of dead skin. I found that it works best used with only water prior to shaving. The instructions state that soaps and oils tend to create a film on the body that makes the mitt less able to do its job. After I rub myself down with the mitt I lather up with shower gel and shave as usual. It's really kind of amaze how much dead skin this is able to take off without being to harsh, and it leaves my skin incredibly soft. I'm concerned for its safety because I have seen my husband eying it, so I may have to purchase another.

You can buy the Come Clean Exfoliating Mitt here for $29.99.