12 gifts i'm lusting over part 2: NARS danmari all about cheeks palette

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! I first saw this palette in an email from Sephora and wondered to myself why anyone would spend $65 on blush. I of course had no choice but to immediately head over to Sephora.com and get all of the details on the Danmari Palette; upon doing so I realized that these are FULL SIZED!! Meaning that normally just the two middle blushes (best selling Orgasm and Super Orgasm) would cost a blush-lover $54. For the tiny amount of eleven dollars more, you get two additional blush colors, a highlighter and a gorgeous bronzer. Sephora is calling this an $107 value, but due to the fact that NARS blushes run around $27, that seems a bit low to me. I received this in the mail last week and have been enthralled by it ever since (and I am not even really all that into blush).

So when someone says "you want me to spend $65 on blush for you this Christmas?!", first, tell them not to question your desires - it's impolite, then explain to them that you are actually trying to save them money.

$42 to be exact, which is very kind of you.

chloe + isabel rocker chic chain for the holidays

Chloe + Isabel if a lovely jewelry site that opened earlier this year that has fabulous pieces such as the ridiculously gorgeous Rocker Chic Chain + Spiked Bob necklace for very reasonable prices (this one is $135). I have several LBDs that I wear to varies holiday parties and I am constantly looking for ways to make them look "new" again. A statement necklace paired with a red lip will usually do it. 

If you prefer something more classic, this beautiful bezel-set crystal number is the perfect pearl-but-not necklace. At $50 they are practically given it away and you can pair it will jeans and a white tee come spring! Love.

yu-be in need of this moisturizer for winter

I apologize for the cheesy post title but it was just to easy..

Yu-Be is a brand that you don't hear a lot about in the states but has been extremely popular in Japan for over 50 years. It was created by a pharmacist that wanted to create a single product (although now the line has several products) that could meet every family member's skincare needs.

I was given a tube of this last year, which is the tube I am holding above, and was honestly not sure what the hell to use it for. A little goes a very long way - said tube is not even half empty and I use this daily. After doing a little research I learned that Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream is amazing for dry lips, elbows, heels, cuticles and just about anything on your body that may be dry. It also makes a great mask in the winter; just apply a thick coat and allow to absorb, then wipe off any access product. A high level of glycerin and a special manufacturing process that makes Yu-Be quickly absorbed ensures that it will hydrate even the driest of skin.

My personal favorite use of this product is applying it heavily to my feet and then putting on thick socks to allow it to penetrate. I highly suggest this for winter - apply and then lay back and relax while reading the latest edition of Psychology Today. Or at least that's what I would read...

12 gifts i'm lusting over part one: the anya hindmarch large homework tote

I am a huge fan of the holiday gift guides that begin to appear in magazines around November, so I thought that I would do my own! We are so busy this time of year (and in general) that it's hard to find unique gifts for friends and family; I have certainly given my share of Barnes & Noble gift cards. I think that gifts should be the kinds of things that we would lust over in a magazine but feel guilty purchasing for ourselves.

An example of just that sort of gift is the Large Homework Tote by Anya Hindmarch. When I first saw this gorgeous bag on Bloomingdale's website I started to immediately imaging all of the wonderful things that I could fit into it. Anya is the genius behind the 'I'm not a plastic bag' tote that became very popular among celebs a few years back. Her leather bags run between $500 and $1000, so the Homework Tote, at $150, is the perfect way to have a piece of her collection without braking the bank. This bag is would be an amazing gift for a daughter on her way to college, a mom-to-be that isn't looking forward to carrying a diaper bag or a fashionable sister who already has everything.

Basically, there is no one that could not find a reason to use/love this bag. Want.

do you exude lipstick?

There have been quite a few designer/cosmetic collaborations lately; this one caught my eye immediately due to my love of all things gloss. Stylist (and now designer) extraordinaire Rachel Zoe teamed up with a new brand that makes, basically, a high-end liquid lipstick in 9 shades. Instead of being solid, the product is dispensed from a lipstick-looking container in liquid form. If you prefer gloss they also have 5 colors of gloss that comes in the same unique packaging.

Exude Lipstick, which they refer to as "lip creme", is not your grandmother's drying, waxy lipstick. This is a cross between gloss and a highly pigmented lipstick. Sounds amazing, right? Hopefully it is, because I just spent the $29 on one in Pink #2. That seemed a bit pricey, but I do usually finish my lip gloss - it's the poor, unused lipsticks that cover the bottom of my bags.  If I actually were to use all of this lip creme it would be worth the price. We shall see..

Side note: when I went to google "exude" in order to purchase the lipstick, the first thing to pop up was the word's definition which is to discharge (moisture or a smell) slowly and steadily. This actually made me pause for a moment before continuing on to the company's website. Let's hope the actual product is more, umm..appealing.

envi nail enamel dryer

I don't usually use a nail enamel dryer because it seems like they often either a. don't work or b. make polish look dull. I came across this large, retro looking can several months ago (I think at CVS or Walmart?) and have been hooked ever since. This cuts drying time in half, conditions nail cuticle and does not affect the color/shine. An even spray of Envi at about 3 inches from your nail sets polish to perfections in under 10 minutes.

The unfortunate thing is I can't find this product online anywhere. So strange. This is a large can at 9oz, but it won't last forever, so I am on a mission to find this product again. Anyone else ever used this?