clinique lid smoothie antioxidant 8-hour colour

My first full-time job was working as a makeup artist at an Estée Lauder counter at the mall. I was finishing cosmetology school at the time with a focus on skin care, so I often wondered over to the Clinique counter to read the ingredients in their numerous skin care lines. I never have really been sold on their skin care (that yellow moisturizer scares me) but they have recently come out with several new products in their color line that are amazing, Lid Smoothies being one of them.

I literally followed a woman into the restroom when I was out with friends not to long ago to ask her what she had on her eyes. It was the most gorgeous shade of silver/grey with just a hint of shimmer. The color was bold and completely free of any creasing (it was pretty late in the evening), so I assumed that it was possibly a color from Urban Decay or NARS. When she told me it was Clinique Lid Smoothie in Salt and Pepper I thanked her and promptly ordered a tube from my phone. Every time I wear it people ask me what it is, so I'm thinking that I need to order another one (or six).


12 gifts i'm lusting over 11 & 12: butter london polish chancer and british racing green

Nothing says Christmas like having nails that resemble a sparkling Christmas tree. Butter LONDON polishes are fabulous because they look exactly the same on your nails as they do in the bottle. They are a little pricey at $14, but they stay on well and definitely get noticed. I am loving Chancer (red sparkle above) and British Racing Green (green shimmer below). They are the perfect stocking stuffer!


12 gifts i'm lusting after 8, 9 & 10: nine west javana boot and more

So Nine West has a ton of boots on their site that are between 30 and 70% off. OMG. I personally have purchased 3 pairs in the last week. Then this morning I browse the site for a moment, as usual (bad idea?), and see that the freaking amazing Runway Relief Boot is on sale for half of the original price. I know it's almost Christmas, but maybe Santa will let me add these to my list. How could I have known they would be $99 today??

If I am not allowed to add additional boots to my list I suppose I will try to just be happy with the boots I did order, which includes the Amrit, gorgeous black mid-calf boots that are on sale for $67. You can't even buy 14 lattes from Starbucks for $67.

I realized while trying not to purchase any more boots that I didn't have a sensible pair, ya know, with a 3 inch heal and lug soles. The Javana Boot seemed to appear before me in a beautiful halo and say "we will be easier to walk in this winter than heals and we're only $59 Rachel". So those should be here on Friday...

I need a boot-er-vention.


12 gifts i'm lusting over part 5, 6 & 7: jewelry storage from red envelope dot com

I love me some Red Envelope. I have been ordering with them for years and have always been thrilled by the way they ship gifts. For around $5 you can have things shipped in a gorgeous red box with a white bow, and you are actually able to choose the exact day that you want your item to arrive (and it actually arrives on that day!).

The site is not inexpensive but the items are very high-quality. This is the place to go for someone who has everything. I am especially fond of their jewelry and jewelry storage items. Pictured above is the Large Leather Jewelry Box. This has a ton of storage, and who doesn't want a giant leather jewelry box?

If you like to display your jewelry the Sculpted Jewelry Tree is perfect for that. I actually own this and it holds a ton of necklaces. It's hard to see in this picture but the wood base also has an area that you can put bracelets and rings in if you wanted to.

If you know someone that travels a lot the Jewelry Portfolio is perfecting for stashing in an overnight bag or carry-on and it holds quite a bit for its small size. You can also have the nickel pull tab engraved with up to 3 letters!

Red Envelope also has an amazing men's section if you are shopping for dads or husbands and still not sure what to get them. Ryan always gets something from here on Christmas morning and so far he has always seemed to be very pleased with what I've picked out. They even have personalizable beer holsters. Seriously.

i did the blue print cleanse, just like oprah, sorta

Sorry for the shoddy picture but you get it - there was juice, lots and lots of juice..

I love juicing. There is something about consuming nothing but liquid for three to five days that makes me feel as though I have will power, not to mention the fact that it makes me feel skinny, mostly because I'm not eating. I have tried several juice-based programs in the past and the experience has not always been pleasant. The problem for me is that I live in the middle of the FN country, so I have to pay stupid money to have juice pressed the night before and then dropped off at my doorstep. Which I'm totally willing to do, as long as the company is great and not snobby jerks, a trait I don't take kindly to.

I know that it would make more sense to just make my own juice (which I plan to do once I have a million dollars to spend on a juicer) or purchase locally, but if you have ever juiced before you understand the need for convenience. A friend told me about the Blue Print Cleanse and she loved it so much that I decided to give it a try. It didn't hurt that I have heard that many celebs (Oprah included) use this system to detox or drop lbs fast. 

There are many different cleanse options to choose from that are pre-marked 1-6 in the order that you are supposed to drink them in throughout the day that run around $250. I went the less expensive route and purchased a case of their very popular Spicy Lemonade and a case of the BluePrintGreen which cost roughly around $150 with shipping. There are 6 bottles to a case, so I had 12 juices to drink over 3 days. I drank a green first thing in the morning, two Spicy Lemonades during the day (yum) and then a green 2 hours before bed. Drinking four juices a day was plenty for me; you would maybe have to take time off of work in order to consume six.

After 3 days I feel fantastic. The first day is always awful, but by the third I am not hungry, my skin looks very "glowy" and I have lost about five pounds. The weight is not what I was going for though - you pretty much gain everything back once you start eating again. I was feeling very bloated and gross after Thanksgiving from the vast amounts of cheese and wine that I consumed so I wanted to cleanse before Christmas parties began. I would highly recommend this company, loved the juice and, bonus, you get a cute blue case to tote your liquids around in!

12 gifts i'm lusting over part 4: the assorted holiday truffle gift box from godiva

Well, not everyone wants makeup for Christmas (odd, I know), so some people will be getting Godiva truffles. I have no great reason for loving these, other than:

A. They're made by Godiva.
B. They are very, very delicious.
C. They are extremely attractive

So I guess I do have reason to love them! I know that there are many high-end chocolatiers out there, but Godiva is always package beautifully, made of quality ingredients and can normally be found in major department stores. Ryan bought me a box last Christmas and I nibbled at that thing for months...yum.

nuface gets a new face with the trinity

There are so many devices on the market that sometimes it's overwhelming trying to decide what is worth spending the money on (they are usually pretty expensive). In the last 5 years devices have come a long way and in my opinion many of them deliver the same treatments that you would pay thousands of dollars for at a dermatologist's office or spa.

The NuFACE is one of the devices that I have personally seen results from and heard many other women say that they have as well. If uses microcurrent technology, a gentle electrical stimulation, to increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity and help products penetrate the skin. This device leaves skin looking tighter and more radiant after the first use, and over time it is truly the only device that I have ever heard of working for the dreaded "turkey neck".

The NuFACE use to look like this, but has recently come out with the Trinity, which is a little bit more pricey but has an easier to hold design and interchangeable treatment heads (coming out soon). Considering the fact that IPL can cost around $300 a treatment, the $325 price tag on the Trinity is not that bad once you factor in being able to use this at home at your convenience.  

P.S. I have heard that this helps to tighten skin after having a baby in all of the places you want your skin to be tight again...push gift?


12 gifts i'm lusting over part 3: dior blue-tie compact

I love limited edition palettes/compacts because they usually are packed with product and a great way to try more expensive brands for a fraction of what you would normally pay if you purchased the items separately. Dior's Blue-Tie compact is a beautiful metal-embossed (silver colored) case that comes with 4 shadows in shades of blue and silver as well as a peachy-pink lip gloss. This is not inexpensive at $70, but hey, Christmas is not about getting socks and things that you "need". It's for getting shiny objects that make you happy, in turn making others happy that you are so happy.



review: the schick quattro trim style razor and bikini trimmer

I do not like hair on my body. Luckily, I am not a very hairy individual, but I still have to shave every few days. I am so OCD about hair that I will literally get out of bed and take a bath so that I can shave if I feel like my leg hair is bothering me because it's become longer than I can handle (unable to be seen by the naked eye). Due to my ridiculousness, razors are very important to me. I have never understood how my friends can use those pink plastic (or, the horror, the scary yellow and white ones) razors that come a million to a bag for $5.99. I wish that I could, but I somehow manage to do some serious damage to my shins unless I use something pricier - normally my husband's MACH3. The problem with that is, well, it's made for boys. There is very little bend in the blade, so going around curves can be an issue.

Having now said more about razors and shaving than I ever would have imagined, let me introduce you to my new BSF (best shaving friend) the Schick Quattro For Women Trim Style. You've seen the commercials where the overgrown "bushes" become trim and attractive as seductive-looking women walk by them, right? I am still unsure of how I feel about the ad campaign, but I am very sure of how much I love this razor. It shaves closely without nicking, curves to your body and is around $12. And it doesn't end there. This thing also comes with a waterproof, battery operated trimmer for your you-know-what. I figured I wouldn't use that function but I have, and it really works! I wish that it came with at least one more guard in a different length, but I use it minus the guard and am very pleased with how everything is, um..looking. This is something that I would definitely purchase (I was sent one for review) and I may even give this as a stocking stuffer this year. To close friends.

skin care steal: the clark's botanicals peter som limited edition travel kit

I am a huge fan of all things Clark's Botanicals as I have mentioned in the past. Recently the brand has collaborated with designer Peter Som on the cutest makeup bag to ever grace my purse (so cute it could totally work as an evening clutch) filled with some of Clark's best-sellers. The Limited Edition Peter Som Travel Kit contains 3 lip balms, one made for and named after Julianne Moore - Moore Nude, as well as several delux samples and a travel size of their very popular Marine Cream. The 3 lip products alone would normally cost $57, so for $2 more (the kit is $59) you get the LTD clutch and several amazing samples. A serious steal, if I may say so. This would be a wonderful gift, but seeing as how it is limited in quantities, you may not want to run the risk of not having one for you...