korres lip butter is basically the eighth wonder of the world

I have discussed my love of Korres before, and since then it has only become more true and deep. Well, as deep as your love for a lip butter can get (surprisingly, love for lip butters can be intense). I'm apparently not the only one that feels this way because if you type Korres into a Google search, it suggests that you may be looking for Korres Lip Butter. And you should be.

I normally prefer a wand due to the fact that a pot can become messy very quickly, but somehow this formula never dries out or changes color. Korres Lip Butters come in seven shades: I have tried them all and must say that Jasmine and Guava are my absolute favorites, although honestly all of the colors are pretty and could work on anyone. Jasmine is the light pink color we all wish our lips could be while Guava is truly white when it goes on. The color from all shades fades within an hour or so (even the darkest, Wild Rose, pictured) and your lips are left softer than you could ever have imagined and not sticky. This stuff is not sticky at all. It doesn't even leave your finger gross and sticky and you can rub anything leftover into your cuticles. I would smear this stuff all over my face in a pinch if I needed moisture. Seriously.

The two main ingredients that make this product so amazing are Shea Butter and Rice Wax. I have no idea what Rice Wax is, but I have a lot of lip products that contain Shea Butter and they don't make my lips feel like Korres does, so I'm guessing it is important.

Smear this stuff all over your lips before putting makeup on and your Ruby Woo will go on smooth and crack-free. That right there makes the $12 price tag worth every penny. I promise.


  1. I hear great things about Korres. I love lip conditioners & moisturizers, but I'm not a fan of the ones in pans/pots b/c I don't carry a lip brush with me and I'm not going to stick my finger in them b/c it's so unsanitary. Do you know if they have a similar product in a stick or squeeze tube form?

  2. They don't - the closest thing that I have found is the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm http://www.burtsbees.com/natural-products/lips-lip-color/tinted-lip-balm.html

  3. I'm a fellow Blog Her gal (hey look I'm right over there for taupe eyeshadow! haha!) But I had to say...LOVE THESE! I mean really, I do. I have 2 of them and they are fab. The texture is incredible. I wish I could buy them in a huge container though!