my new favorite polish: sally hansen complete salon manicure in navy baby

I very rarely get excited about nail polish, mainly due to the fact that I am very boring when it comes to color and wear mostly almost-black on my toes and white-ish pink on my fingers. Recently though, I was in CVS and came across this beautiful navy blue polish from Sally Hansen called Navy Baby and had to have it. This looks almost identical to a Dior shade that I almost purchased from Sephora a few months back until I realized that it was 1/4 the cost of my monthly cell phone bill.

 The Sally Hansen Complete Manicure line is around $7 at my local CVS, or $5 at They offer free shipping on all orders over $25, so you could purchase FIVE beautiful polishes for roughly around $26 and they would get to you within a few days and you will be happy and your nails will look amazing, and you won't feel like an idiot for spending the same price on one sad bottle of nail polish...

Or at least that's how I felt. The best part is that this polish is fantastic! I did use a base and top coat even though the whole idea of this line is that you don't need to (sorry Sally, but who the hell doesn't use a top coat?!), but it actually looked very shiny before the top coat. It also dried in under twenty minutes and lasted for a week.

I think that I need Lavender Cloud next, or maybe Midnight in NY?


  1. Anonymous2/18/2012

    This is a beautiful color ! I am also loving that you managed to paint your nails black without having it around the edges. I haven't mastered painting my own nails black. I am tipping my (imaginary) hat to you ! lol

  2. Yes please I love this color!

    The only draw back I've found is that it's kind of a pain to remove.