i want to be a gypsy warrior

I am constantly looking for new and unusual sites to purchase clothes from. I love H&M as much as the next girlwholovescheapcuteshit, but if you've ever been out for drinks only to look over and see some other girl wearing the same boho dress, you too would look elsewhere for clothes.

Recently I cam across GYPSY WARRIOR, a site full of new trends, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Here is the best part: most of their stuff is around $50. There is a beautiful House of Harlow necklace that I have been eyeing for 6 months but have yet to purchase due to its $200 price tag and they have a very similar piece for $28. I mean...wow.

The 100% wool floppy black hat pictured above is $48 currently (Jessica Simpson's version runs about twice as much at Macy's) and the lace bell sleeve dress is also $48.

Finding this site is one of the more exciting things to happen to me so far this month. I spent all morning trying to see how many things I could fit into my shopping cart for under $300...


  1. Anonymous3/07/2012

    Just added that to my bookmarks. I plan to spend all of the money I intended on using to remodel my house with on that site. Thanks Rachel , No really THANK YOU ! LOL

    1. Remodeling can wait - style cannot ;) tell your hubby I'm sorry for encouraging your shopping "issue"

  2. Kittymarie4/17/2012

    Opencloset.com.au, LuLus.com, and nastygal.com are super rad. If U haven't already been on them.