my new spring shoe: the aldo calcagni wedge

When I am searching for shoes ALDO is one of the first sites that I check. There shoes are affordable, well-made and often 4" or higher (a must for me). I spotted the Calcagni wedge in a magazine in February and immediately rushed to my computer to check them out. I was unsure about spending $120 on a wedge, but the site had several color options that ran between $70 and $100, so I opted for a pair in dark purple suede.

The shoes arrived several weeks ago and they are AMAZE! They are very comfortable - seriously, not like the fake comfortable that we women try to claim - and very light. I walked in them for 6 hours and my feet never became uncomfortable.

If $70 is still high for you but you like the look of these shoes, you may want to check out the Plumb wedge. They are similar although a little bit heavier and run between $29 and $50, depending on the color/style.

Tip: if you sign up for emails from ALDO (which you can later unsubscibe from) they will send you a promotional code for 10% off your next purchase.

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